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At­tend­ing Tues­day’s 2050 Plan pub­lic hear­ing? The for­mat has been changed from lec­ture style to three sep­a­rate groups. One will fo­cus on in­for­ma­tion, another dis­cus­sions with elected officials and the third so peo­ple can pose their so­lu­tions.

Ed Ap­ple­white said:

“There is noth­ing in this plan that al­lows for those that want to down size- there is noth­ing in the plan that pro­vides for young peo­ple to own their lit­tle piece of the Amer­i­can Pie - It only pro­vides for a one size fits all plan for the well to do ( in­ter­preted the elite rich) and the rest can just (as one com­mis­sioner states) move some­where else be­cause HE is the govern­ment and wants it that way - The plan is based on flawed num­bers that most 4th graders can see through even in the New­ton School sys­tem -”

Dennis Tay­lor said:

“What they are pulling off here is com­monly known in po­lit­i­cal cir­cles as di­vide and con­quer scheme used by politi­cians when they are be­hind in pub­lic opinion and/or polls.”

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