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Re­li­gious and cul­tural big­otry has been around since, seem­ingly, the begin­ning of recorded time.

Among those groups suf­fer­ing some of his­tory’s big­gest in­jus­tices to­ward its re­li­gion has been those of Jewish be­lief.

Dur­ing World War II Adolf Hitler and his hench­man tried their best to an­ni­hi­late the Jewish peo­ple while most of the or­ga­nized re­li­gions were look­ing the other way. Since then at­tacks have con­tin­ued on those of that re­li­gion through ter­ror­ist regimes.

Even to­day, while de­fend­ing them­selves and Is­rael, the Jews have been cursed by many, who in turn seem to have shown more con­cern for those at­tack­ing them. That sen­ti­ment has even been shared by some Jews in this coun­try, most no­tice­ably some in Hol­ly­wood, who are show­ing them­selves as lib­er­als first and cit­i­zens of Jewish be­lief sec­ond.

Now, it’s Chris­tians who are be­ing per­se­cuted around the world. Even in the United States of Amer­ica, a coun­try founded on some Chris­tian prin­ci­ples, there have been court cases strip­ping those re­li­gious foun­da­tions from govern­ment.

We hear out­cries from a small mi­nor­ity that world pow­ers like the United States and Great Bri­tain should take up the cause to save Chris­tians from be­ing per­se­cuted and put to death in pro Mus­lim coun­tries. These cries so far have fallen on deaf ears.

There are cur­rently 2.1 bil­lion Chris­tians in the world, 1.6 bil­lion Mus­lims, and 41,000 Chris­tian det­o­na­tions.

Our ques­tion is this: where are the lead­ers of the Chris­tian groups like the Catholic Church, the Bap­tists, the Pen­te­costals, the Methodists and oth­ers when it comes to con­demn­ing the Mus­lims on the per­se­cu­tion of their flock?

Why haven’t these lead­ers planned meet­ings to­gether to ad­dress the world­wide prob­lem of Chris­tian per­se­cu­tion?

If these lead­ers ral­lied their flocks to not only stand up against that per­se­cu­tion but to pray for the rights of all re­li­gions, Chris­tian­ity, Jewish, Mus­lim, or what­ever — these per­se­cu­tions would prob­a­bly stop. They would at least be­come a more man­age­able prob­lem to solve.

We know that Christ preached that we should turn the other cheek, but surely af­ter turn­ing it and turn­ing it, he would want us to not only de­fend our faith, but be glad to honor and pro­tect the faith of oth­ers as well.

What we need is good lead­er­ship from our Chris­tian lead­ers; we doubt that it will come.

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