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Dale Wayne Dee, 44, Cov­ing­ton, July 20, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Roo­sevelt English, 30, Cov­ing­ton, July 17, Pa­role Vi­o­la­tion, Pos­ses­sion, Manu, Dis­trib, Etc., of Con­trol Subs. Or Mar­i­juana

Dennis Wayne Goolsby, 56, Cov­ing­ton, July 20, Crim­i­nal Tres­pass

Ken­neth James Green, 45, De­catur, July 17, Fail­ure to Ap­pear

Ash­ton Di­aunte Grier, 23, Cov­ing­ton, July 15, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Os­car NMN Guz­man-Dominguez, 26, Do­rav­ille, July 22, Li­cense Re­quired; Sur­ren­der of Prior Li­censes, Stop Signs and Yield Signs

Stephen S. Har­ris, 22, Cov­ing­ton, July 22, Con­tempt of Court

Jessie Cor­davi­ous Hen­der­son, 20, Cov­ing­ton, July 19, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion, Dis­or­derly Con­duct, Fur­nish­ing To, Pur­chase, or Pos­ses­sion by Per­sons Un­der 21

Michael Todd Howard, 37, Cov­ing­ton, July 16, Bat­tery, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion, Cru­elty to Chil­dren 3rd De­gree

An­to­nio Ro­driquez Hu­bert, 34, Cov­ing­ton, July 16, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Deone Yvette Jones, 29, Cov­ing­ton, July 18, In­car­cer­a­tion Order

An­gela Leigh Kitchens, 45, Alto, July 16, Fail­ure to Ap­pear

Devon Shon­quille Kyles, 18, Cov­ing­ton, July 18, Sim­ple Bat­tery

Vickie Lynn Leather­wood, 58, Cov­ing­ton, July 22, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Cor­nelius Lind­sey, 65, Cov­ing­ton, July 22, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Jonathon Lee Maness, 19, Cov­ing­ton, July 19, Crim­i­nal Dam­age to Prop­erty in The Sec­ond De­gree, Ag­gra­vated As­sault, Ter­ror­is­tic Threats and Acts, In­ter­fer­ence with Govern­ment Prop­erty

Torri Leah McCart, 32, Por­terdale, July 18, Theft by Shoplift­ing 3rd Of­fense, Crim­i­nal Tres­pass, Pa­role Vi­o­la­tion

Man­wel La­yar McClen­don, 36, Cov­ing­ton, July 22, Cru­elty To Chil­dren, 2nd De­gree, Cru­elty To Chil­dren, 3rd De­gree, Bat­tery, Crim­i­nal Tres­pass, In­ter­fer­ing With a 911 Call

Fredrick Dou­glas McKnight, 35, Cov­ing­ton, July 21, Pa­role Hold

Wil­liam Shane Parham, 39, So­cial Cir­cle, July 17, Housed for Wal­ton County SO

Bruce Smith Perry, 22, Cov­ing­ton, July 18, Week­enders, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Jabarr Des­mon Pinkston, 41, El­len­wood, July 22, Pos­ses­sion of Mar­i­juana Less Than One Ounce, Fail­ure to Ap­pear Af­ter Giv­ing Cash Bond

James Steven Poss, 32, Ox­ford, July 15, Pa­role Vi­o­la­tion, En­ter­ing an Auto or Other Mo­tor Ve­hi­cle With In­tent of Felony

Mon­dar­ius Mar­quis Prince, 18, Cov­ing­ton, July 21, Crim­i­nal Tres­pass

Brandie Natasha Ramey, 36, New­nan, July 17, Con­tempt of Court

Quan­tez Ja­mal Robin­son, 21, Cov­ing­ton, Fi­nan­cial Trans­ac­tion Card Theft, Fi­nan­cial Trans­ac­tion Card Fraud, Iden­tity Fraud, Ob­struc­tion or Hin­der­ing Law En­force­ment Of­fi­cers, Reck­less Driv­ing, Flee­ing Or At­tempt To Elude Po­lice Of­fi­cer, Im­proper Lane Us­age, Fail­ure to Stop At Stop Sign, Driv­ing While Li­cense Sus­pended or Re­voked 1st Of­fense

Mark An­thony Rodgers, 57, Riverdale, July 22, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Michael An­thony Rue, 22, Cov­ing­ton, July 22, Pos­ses­sion of Mar­i­juana Less Than One Ounce, Hold for Other Agency Dekalb County

Jer­rine Small-Cle­mons, 22, Cov­ing­ton, July 19, Sim­ple Bat­tery, Cru­elty to Chil­dren 3rd De­gree

Prin­cell Diana Smith, 26, At­lanta, July 20, Pos­ses­sion of Mar­i­juana Less Than One Ounce, Giv­ing False Name or Ad­dress to Law En­force­ment Of­fi­cer, Forgery In The 2nd De­gree

Jami­son Christophe Sounders, 42, At­lanta, July 20, Li­cense Re­quired; Sur­ren­der of Prior Li­censes, Speed­ing – 15 to 24 Over, Dis­or­derly Con­duct

Sa­man­tha Lynn Starkey, 19, Cov­ing­ton, July 22, Pos­ses­sion of Mar­i­juana Less Than One Ounce

Justin Lee Sut­ton, 20, Mon­roe, July 17, Theft By Tak­ing

Joseph Sweeny, 21, Cony­ers, July 22, Theft By Shoplift­ing

Melody Darl Thoma­son-Ben­ton, 43, Lo­ganville, July 22, Fail­ure to Pro­tect Dis­abled Person (Elderly Abuse)

McS­tan­ley Don­minique Watson, 25, Cony­ers, July 15, Con­tempt of Court

An­to­nio De­lan­tay West, 36, Cov­ing­ton, July 17, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Isa­iah Zechariah White, 19, Cov­ing­ton, July 22, Fail­ure to Ap­pear Af­ter Giv­ing Cash Bond

Larry O’Neal White, 64, Cov­ing­ton, July 15, So­lic­i­ta­tion of Sodomy, Child Mo­lesta­tion’ Ag­gra­vated Child Mo­lesta­tion, In­cest, So­lic­i­ta­tion of sodomy

Michele Lee White, 45, Cov­ing­ton, July 21, Theft of Ser­vices

Larry Wil­liams, 61, Por­terdale, July 18, Cru­elty To chil­dren, Sim­ple As­sault

Kyle Con­rad Zag­wyn, 33, Cony­ers, July 18, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

James Fred­er­ick Agnew, 23, Hamp­ton, July 19, Pos­ses­sion of Mar­i­juana

Ira Cor­nelius Aiken, 44, Por­terdale, July 18, Dis­or­derly Con­duct

Haven Tor­rance Barnes, 21, Litho­nia, July 15, Speed­ing in Con­struc­tion Zone Area, Driv­ing While Li­cense Sus­pended, Pos­ses­sion of Mar­i­juana Less Than, Li­cense To Be Car­ried & Ex­hibi

Joseph Michael Behringer, 34, Cov­ing­ton, July 19, Week­enders

Ter­rance Jer­rell Ben­ton, 26, Cov­ing­ton, July 20, In­ter­fer­ing With A 911 Call, Bat­tery, Cru­elty To Chil­dren 3rd De­gree

Cedric Man­tel Black­well, 29, Cov­ing­ton, July 19

Barry Ed­mond Brown, 50, Cov­ing­ton, July 16, Pub­lic Drunk­en­ness

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