Fire down below

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The po­lit­i­cal ma­chine that con­trols Cov­ing­ton, New­ton County and the re­main­der of small towns here has set in mo­tion a plan to fa­cil­i­tate a vir­tual take over of prop­erty own­ers’ rights. In the process, they have spent un­bri­dled and with­out any sense of di­rec­tion which would fo­cus upon what the cit­i­zens’ de­sire.

From the orig­i­nal meet­ings which sold hard the points con­jured up by rad­i­cal ex­trem­ists to de­stroy the Amer­i­can Dream right here in our own back yard, to the fi­nal nail in their coffins where­upon they at­tempt to take the ex­treme pres­sure off the politi­cians by form­ing a cit­i­zens’ group, noth­ing has changed since day one of the 2050 Plan. They re­ally think you would play with a stacked deck and not know the dif­fer­ence.

These peo­ple suf­fer from the strange il­lu­sion that they have the power. They are con­vinced they are im­mune from any change in des­tiny as they see it. These peo­ple couldn’t be more delu­sional.

This small hand­ful of use­less power bro­kers has an­gered tens of thou­sands of lo­cal cit­i­zens, the cit­i­zens who hon­estly do have the power. They have shown their true col­ors. Their num­bers could ac­tu­ally be as great as two dozen but most likely even less when the shells start to fly over the ram­parts. They have also shown their ig­no­rance. As in the Magna Carta of 1215, “The King’s Power is Not Ab­so­lute.” We’ve come a long way since then. Revo­lu­tion and World Wars have aptly il­lus­trated to those who would ‘rule’ where the real power lies.

The fire down below has been ig­nited right here in New­ton County, Ge­or­gia and what­ever it takes, ac­cord­ing to some lo­cals, what­ever it takes, this power grab by lo­cal officials, driven by some few, will not stand muster.

If you have any sense of re­al­ity you would not make war against tens of thou­sands of an­gry cit­i­zens, and we are cit­i­zens not sub­jects, if your num­bers were as stated, less than two dozen. Choose wisely.

Sa­muel Martin Hay III

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