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What is cy­ber­bul­ly­ing, and how are schools al­lowed to han­dle it when it hap­pens within school bound­aries? Read and share the story for some in­sight into a trend that may be get­ting worse as tech­nol­ogy grows. What are your thoughts? Should schools be able to do more to pun­ish stu­dents who use tech­nol­ogy to bully oth­ers, or do you think par­ents should bear the re­spon­si­bil­ity?

Traci Gil­liam Bar­low said:

“I think the par­ents should take an ac­tive role in the dis­ci­pline of their chil­dren. Sadly, some par­ents are ei­ther too busy or too self-in­volved to guide their chil­dren prop­erly. With that be­ing said how­ever, the school has to be lim­ited to cer­tain bound­aries as far as dis­ci­plin­ing chil­dren who bully while in school and leave any bul­ly­ing done out­side of school to the proper au­thor­i­ties. The reach of the schools power to dis­ci­pline HAS to have a limit.”

Kristin Walden said:

“Ev­ery­thing is not bul­ly­ing and our kids are be­ing taught NOT to be re­silient to the cold world we live in. They are be­ing shel­tered from it and will feel like they’re be­ing thrown to the wolves when they hit the real world. Kids are mean. Pe­riod. They were mean to me when I was a kid, and it taught me how to let stuff roll off of me and not let it af­fect me. Now kids are mean to some­one, as they have been since the begin­ning of time, and the kid goes off to com­mit sui­cide. Then the child is ac­cused as if they are the killer even though some­one else made a dumb choice to end their life. Ridicu­lous.”

Libby May­field said:

“What’s ridicu­lous is the fact that kids to­day feel they have no where to turn and no way out. A lot of peo­ple don’t take the sub­ject of bul­ly­ing se­ri­ously. It’s more than just be­ing mean. It’s more than just hav­ing your pig-tails pulled! Or be­ing called a bitch. It’s day in, day out, on-go­ing, never-end­ing, tor­ture!!! And yes, some kids/peo­ple take their life, go up to their loved ones and tell them how ridicu­lous it was. I damn dare you!”

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