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The BOC voted to re­move com­mis­sioner J.C Hen­der­son from all boards with “fidu­ciary,” or fi­nan­cial, power, de­manded his re­moval from the Nel­son Heights board (he was the chair­man) and the Recre­ation Board, moved to re-key the locks to the cen­ter’s doors and more Tues­day.

Ray Cowan said: “I know the Min­is­ters League is not go­ing to like this.”

Donovon Carter said: “Is bor­row­ing money from the county a good idea? No, I don’t think so. But Hen­der­son fol­lowed the prece­dent set by oth­ers be­fore him, and did his due dili­gence to make sure this sit­u­a­tion was han­dled above board. He ASKED for a loan, and was given it by Chair­man El­lis. If any­one should be pun­ished, it’s El­lis, not Hen­der­son. On top of that, he paid back the loan in 10 days. If the choices were to send my child to col­lege or not, I think ev­ery per­son on that board would have done the same thing. I stand with Com­mis­sioner Hen­der­son.”

Zach Ames said: “So you’re telling me he filed pa­per­work to en­sure pay­ment and then paid it back in 10 days? Seems like there was plenty of trans­parency and if it checks out the money was used just for the rea­sons stated then there is no ethics vi­o­la­tion. While I’m not sure this should be a common prac­tice, as it stands it does not ap­pear that Com­mi­sioner Hen­der­son com­mit­ted any vi­o­la­tion. What it does seem like is a case of good ole boy politi­cians get­ting mad be­cause their friend didn’t get elected so they went on a witch hunt.”

Mar­que Mitchell said: “I’m sure there is more to this if 4 of 5 voted to pass the stated mo­tion. Mr. Hen­der­son is one of the “good ole boys”--6 terms worth. I am not sure his de­scrip­tion of Ms. Schultz is cor­rect but rather a “fight back”, just some­thing to say in de­fense. Lest we for­get we are adults....”

Mike Ra­gan said: “Fi­nally. He should have been gone”

Traci Gil­liam Bar­low said: “Hen­der­son is just as bad as some of the oth­ers. I live in his dis­trict and he has made MUL­TI­PLE prom­ises about do­ing things to help his dis­trict and never de­liv­ered. It seems that the only ones who ben­e­fit are the one’s in his tight lit­tle cir­cle of friends and of course, him­self. I’d say this ver­dict from his peers holds more knowl­edge than the common cit­i­zen has and that they firmly be­lieve they are do­ing the right thing. We surely don’t know ev­ery­thing the other coun­cil mem­bers do to sit in judge­ment.”

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