Blacks should be angry with them­selves

The Covington News - - OPINION - MY­CHAL MASSIE COLUM­NIST My­chal S. Massie is the for­mer Na­tional Chair­man of the con­ser­va­tive black think tank, Project 21-The Na­tional Lead­er­ship Net­work of Black Con­ser­va­tives; and a mem­ber of its par­ent think tank, the Na­tional Cen­ter for Pub­lic Polic

What is it that makes so many blacks so angry? What is it that makes so many of them blame the re­al­i­ties of life that be­set ev­ery­one, e.g., debt, dis­ap­point­ment, etc., a re­sult of their be­ing black?

I know that I am tread­ing on “sa­cred ground”; I know that the wor­ship of skin color, by the majority of blacks specif­i­cally, and lib­eral, white, po­lit­i­cally cor­rect race mon­gers who fancy them­selves as not hav­ing a racist bone in their lib­eral bod­ies is the stan­dard by which black­dom is val­ued.

I be­lieve this mind­set is born out of a doc­trine of in­cul­cated in­fe­ri­or­ity based on a very real de­sire to fo­ment anger and an­tipa­thy and white guilt by those who prof­i­teer from same.

I re­call read­ing that Dr. King was once ap­proached by a breath­less young re­porter who asked (and I para­phrase): King, they say all black men are lazy, they drink, and they chase women; Dr. King re­sponded to the ef­fect that when a per­son is told they are some­thing long enough they start to be­lieve it.

Blacks have been told that they should be angry, that white Amer­ica has stripped them of their dig­nity, that Amer­ica was built on their backs and they weren’t com­pen­sated for it. They are told it’s their right to be angry and har­bor an­tipa­thy to­ward whites. They are told that anti-so­cial be­hav­ior and the re­jec­tion of moder­nity are “keepin’ it real.”

But the ques­tion that begs an an­swer is how have those be­liefs, thoughts, anger and an­tipa­thy helped them? How has “keepin’ it real” by re­ject­ing moder­nity helped them? How has be­ing rel­e­gated to low­ered ex­pec­ta­tions, gov­ern­ment hand­outs, and un­fair ed­u­ca­tional and em­ploy­ment op­por­tu­ni­ties helped them? How has be­ing angry and blam­ing the con­se­quences of their bad de­ci­sions on the color of their skin helped them?

Those to whom I re­fer are loathe to co­gently ex­plain their rage and ha­tred of per­sons such as my­self. For in­stance, last week on my Face­book page a per­son named Joseph Sans­bury, wrote: “Un­cle tom u a spade wen the revo­lu­tion be­gins im hit­ting u first u f*****g sell­out.” He fol­lowed that screed with: “I en­joy life every­day had have no re­grets the the world on the other hand can do as it please I don’t con­trol don’t care too but for the sim­ple fact for all your text book the­sis and talk you will never ac­com­plish your goal I in the other hand I’m just get­ting started mat­ter of fact I’m there...I luv the world peo­ple and ev­ery­thing I’ve been to ex­otic pal­ces I live life to the fullest so sorry I not your Amer­ica hat­ing black man... I hav a house n bolton nc and Brook­lyn no wel­fare hard work.” He then pro­ceeded to call my read­ers anti-Semitic slurs and curse my read­ers who re­sponded to his crude di­a­tribes.

Bernard Brown, another “keepin’ it real brah-tha” sim­i­larly wrote: “You are a self serv­ing, ar­ro­gant fraud, You need th­ese Jim Jones prais­ing fools to make you feel im­por­tant. I see they love drink­ing your poi­son kool aid. We all know how that turned out. I couldn’t or never would be en­vi­ous or jeal­ous of you... I live a great life. Since you don’t know me, I am a 51 year old Dept. of Jus­tice re­tiree with 32 years of ser­vice to this great coun­try. I live the Amer­i­can Dream. Now, Who is the en­vi­ous and jeal­ous one? If you didn’t have all th­ese peo­ple kiss­ing your butt, You would kill your­self, Be­cause you don’t have any­thing else, but this pa­thetic fb blog. To keep you rel­e­vant.”

If Sans­bury has such a great life, why did he feel the need to lash out at me? If he has mul­ti­ple homes and trav­els to ex­otic places as he claims, why did he un­so­licit­edly lash out at me? As for Bernard Brown, al­low­ing that his job at the Depart­ment of Jus­tice en­tailed more than emp­ty­ing trash cans, what kind of in­ter­ac­tion did he have with his co-work­ers who didn’t share his point of view? If he is liv­ing the Amer­i­can dream why is he so angry?

The an­swer is be­cause the majority of blacks have been in­cul­cated with the idea that skin-color trumps all. They would rather be rec­og­nized as a color be­fore any­thing else. Thus, the ever-present color assig­na­tion as a pre­fix to their per­son. They need it be­cause that is how they val­i­date their self-worth.

Lib­er­al­ism, as Charles Barkley once said, has done noth­ing for blacks but give them an in­fe­ri­or­ity com­plex. I do not need a color to val­i­date my self-worth. I do not need a racial assig­na­tion as a pre­fix to feel I have some­thing to con­trib­ute or to make me feel more val­ued. I do not need a color assig­na­tion to be rec­og­nized as a Christian, a scholar, or to hold the po­lit­i­cal views that I do.

When race-mon­gers and those preach­ing val­i­da­tion through melanin con­tent see those such as my­self who refuse to be rel­e­gated to a color, they are con­fronted with their own self-lim­it­ing be­liefs. But they’ve been in­cul­cated to trans­fer their anger to me in­stead of di­rect­ing it to­ward those who have mis­led them, or di­rect­ing it in­ward for al­low­ing them­selves to be mis­led.

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