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The Covington News - - OPINION - Re­gards, Fred Harwell

While my thoughts should be re­mem­ber­ing the at­tack on our coun­try 13 years ago, they are on the head­lines of this pa­per two days ago… “NAACP , Pas­tors may march”… RE­ALLY !!! This is all about the in­com­pe­tent, dys­func­tional County Com­mis­sion, The Chair and some mem­bers.

It’s all about a bad decision made by Keith El­lis… pe­riod…

If there were no pol­icy re: loans from our tax dol­lars, there cer­tainly should have been… NO one should be able to ask for a loan, and NO one should be able to de­mand one… pe­riod…

Now on to the lo­cal race baiters who should have learned long ago that their strong arm tac­tics don’t work here in Cov­ing­ton. I have known Archie Shep­herd and W. J. Reed more than forty years, I didn’t ex­pect this from them.

Some al­ways want to di­vide our City and County by color, their side of town, their dis­trict or their rep­re­sen­ta­tive… I’ve al­ways thought of Cov­ing­ton as my town, our town, not di­vided.

They need to un­der­stand there is to my knowl­edge, only two Com­mu­nity Cen­ters in Cov­ing­ton, one on Wash­ing­ton Street and the other in Nel­son Heights.

At present there is a park on Cony­ers Street, Clark Street and Nel­son Heights, could be oth­ers I am not aware of.

As for J. C. Hen­der­son, I’m not here to at­tack him for ask­ing for a loan, but he should have never asked in the first place. Go to a bank like the rest of us. If you need a co signer ask Keith… I’m sure he would have loaned you the money from his pocket just as fast as he did my tax dol­lars.

I sin­cerely ask that there be NO march in Cov­ing­ton. With the po­lit­i­cal cli­mate in this Na­tion, with all the low life na­tional me­dia look­ing for a story, with all the killings, car­jack­ing, home in­va­sions… I want NO un­rest in Cov­ing­ton.

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