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Out­side the Church in Sa­maria, church bells ring through the air let­ting all know that it is time for wor­ship. They ring loudly as if to say, “Christ is risen! Come and wor­ship!” And peo­ple come all the city, bring­ing their fam­i­lies and their gifts of thanks­giv­ing to the Lord as if the Lord’s Day were a spe­cial day for them. Wor­ship is not some­thing that peo­ple in Sa­maria take for granted. Cer­tainly, with all the con­flict in that area of the world, open wor­ship of God is not some­thing that is taken lightly.

In­side the Church, peo­ple gather, pray­ing and singing, as visi­tors file through re­spect­fully, mak- ing their way to the well. All who come, come to the well of Sa­maria for the wa­ter that is there and for the liv­ing wa­ter of Christ. Groups gather around the outer part of the sanc­tu­ary, read­ing and retelling the story of the woman at Sa­maria: “Come and see a man who told me ev­ery­thing.” As peo­ple come to hear, to see, and to wor­ship God, I won­der what it must have been like on that af­ter­noon in Sa­maria. Did they ring the church bells? Did they call to one and all to come and hear this man? Even though we are not told her name, the woman from Sa­maria still calls to one and all in the sound of the bells, “Come and see a man who told me ev­ery­thing!”

How of­ten in our own towns do we hear the story of this same man, Je­sus, who brought hope and heal­ing to the woman of Sa­maria? May God grant us bold­ness and ex­cite­ment of that woman from Sa­maria to shout, “Come and wor­ship! Come and wor­ship!”

Prayer: God of Hope, you brought hope to the woman of Sa­maria through Je­sus’ words and heal­ing. Bring hope and heal­ing into our world to­day. Amen.

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