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The Covington News - - OPINION - Samuel M. Hay, III

Dear Ed­i­tor,

Cov­ing­ton’s down­town Square is a land­mark. The Statue of Lib­erty is a land­mark. Vul­can in Birm­ing­ham, Alabama is a land­mark. The Lou­vre’ in France is a land­mark. The Eif­fel Tower in Paris is a land­mark. The Cliffs of Dover in Eng­land is a land­mark.

Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a land­mark

Stone­henge in Wilt­shire, Eng­land is a land­mark.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran- cisco is a land­mark.

The Pyra­mids in Giza, Egypt are land­marks.

Now, you see all th­ese land­marks have some de­gree of per­ma­nence, strength and longevity — most are at least a hun­dred and some hun­dreds of years old.

I want you to look at th­ese land­marks and tell me if you think any of them could ac­tu­ally be im­proved by the con­struc­tion of a stupid wooden gazebo which may last 40 or 50 years. Only an id­iot would pick one and say, “Yes, this one.”

Ac­cord­ing to the dic­tionary, a land­mark is “a struc­ture (as a build­ing) of un­usual his­tor­i­cal and usu­ally aes­thetic in­ter­est; es­pe­cially one that is of­fi­cially des­ig­nated and set aside for preser­va­tion.”

Now, based upon th­ese fac­tual tid­bits, do you see any­where that de­scribes a po­ten­tial en­hance­ment of our rec­og­niz­able land­mark here on the Cov­ing­ton Square by the ad­di­tion of a stupid GAZEBO, de­signed by Cov­ing­ton’s Plan­ning and Zon­ing Direc­tor Randy Vin­son?

Oh, and PS; the vot­ing pub­lic … They hate it. Just thought you should know that also.

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