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1) Judy Davis made a fa­mous movie jour­ney for di­rec­tor David Lean in 1984. Can you name it?

2) Be­fore “Adam-12,” Martin Mil­ner starred as Tod Stiles, who toured the United States with a buddy in his Corvette in what no­table 1960-64 CBS drama?

3) That same CBS se­ries made an ill-fated come­back on NBC in 1993, star­ring what fu­ture se­ries reg­u­lar on “Veron­ica’s Closet”?

4) ABC’s 1992-93 drama “Cross­roads” starred what pop­u­lar ac­tor as a fa­ther tak­ing a cross-coun­try mo­tor­cy­cle trip with his re­bel­lious son?

5) “Promised Land,” the CBS drama se­ries about a laid-off fac­tory worker trav­el­ing the coun­try with his fam­ily, was a spinoff of what hit fam­ily drama?

6) Five or six young adults took an RV and fol­lowed clues across the coun­try each week on what hit MTV se­ries?

7) What brood­ing ac­tor played the ti­tle char­ac­ter who was ex­plor­ing the United States on a mo­tor­cy­cle in “Then Came Bron­son”?

8) Phil Keoghan hosts what CBS com­pet­i­tive se­ries that sends 11 teams on a mad dash around the world?

9) What master doc­u­men­tar­ian chron­i­cled “Ho­ra­tio’s Drive: Amer­ica’s First Road Trip” for PBS?

10) Blind­folded teams were air­lifted to an undis­closed lo­ca­tion, had to fig­ure out where they were, then make their way back to New York in what 2001 NBC com­pe­ti­tion?

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