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Cy the Cynic’s phi­los­o­phy is, “Do unto oth­ers be­fore they undo you.” Cy also says there’s no rest for the wary: Man­ag­ing en­tries as de­clarer, my topic this week, re­quires fore­sight and fo­cus.

In to­day’s deal, West led a heart against South’s slam, and South took the ace and cashed the king and ace of trumps. He would have been safe with a 3-2 break, but East showed out.

South then started the di­a­monds. He threw his last heart on the fourth di­a­mond as West had to fol­low suit, but when West ruffed the fifth di­a­mond and led a heart, South was un­done. He ruffed but was stuck in his hand and lost a club to the king.

South could over­come the bad trump break if he were wary. He should start the trumps with the king and queen.

South then takes four di­a­monds to pitch his last heart, ruffs dummy’s last heart and goes to the ace of trumps to pitch a club on the fifth di­a­mond. If West doesn’t ruff, de­clarer can throw him in with a trump to lead into the A-Q of clubs.

DAILY QUES­TION: You hold: K Q 7 4 43 AK4

A Q J 2. You open one club, and your part­ner raises to two clubs. You try two spades, and he bids three clubs. What do you say?

AN­SWER: Part­ner seems to have a min­i­mum raise. Though you have 19 points, game in clubs is far away, and a heart open­ing lead may dam­age 3NT. Try once more by bid­ding three di­a­monds if you wish, but if part­ner has 8 6, K 8 6, 10 5 3, K 10 8 6 4, three clubs may be the last mak­able con­tract.

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