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In re­gard to the reader who is not a fan of Sid Sch­wab or Eu­gene Robin­son (“Her­ald should sur­vey read­ers’ opin­ions,” Aug. 30), I as­sume he is a Trump sup­porter.

Sch­wab and Robin­son back up what they say with facts and list sources where you can fact check for your­self. Per­haps that is why they are up­set. The facts don’t fit with their opin­ions.

Trump never backs up any of his out­ra­geous claims, and fact check says he lied 21 times just in his ac­cep­tance speech! He has no plans on how to do any­thing. The Trump you see car­ry­ing out per­sonal at­tacks, us­ing lan­guage you can’t let your chil­dren hear, and en­cour­ag­ing vi­o­lence is the real Trump! The one you hear read­ing from the teleprompter is not. He has never run a suc­cess­ful busi­ness and has made his money cheat­ing peo­ple with his bank­rupt­cies and scams like Trump univer­sity. He is a to­tal fraud who doesn’t have a clue.

Thank you Sid and Eu­gene for telling it like it re­ally is.

John Kuntz Marysville

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