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I was fas­ci­nated by the Aug. 27 ar­ti­cle, “A fortress against fear” by the Wash­ing­ton Post’s Kevin Sul­li­van. There are many in­stances, quoted or im­plied, that leaves one to won­der, is this a true or fab­ri­cated piece by a very cre­ative writer?

Some peo­ple want to get away from so­ci­ety and its re­spon­si­bil­i­ties by mov­ing not to a far away is­land or dis­tant con­ti­nent like Antarctica, but by mov­ing to Idaho and sev­eral sur­round­ing states, that as of to­day is still part of the good old USA. Some­one was quoted as say­ing,”I am not para­noid” but re­fuses to tell his neigh­bors how much food he has stored up. I think Web­ster would call that para­noia.

By the way, what are Idaho and the rest of the states say­ing about the new­com­ers? Do they pay taxes on all the prop­er­ties they are buy­ing for big dol­lars or do these in­di­vid­u­als plan to pre­tend they are ex­cep­tions to the rules in or­der to force a Cliven Bundy type sit­u­a­tion, just to ful­fill their prophe­cies, real or imag­ined, even though they claim to be peace­able and will­ing to help their fel­low “prep­pers” in any sit­u­a­tion.

Robert Lewis Ev­erett

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