US Gov­ern­ment rou­tinely de­nies ben­e­fits to those who do not have as­sets prop­erly pro­tected forc­ing them to pay long-term care ex­penses out-of-pocket

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(TEXAS) – “Red lights should be go­ing off and warn­ing sirens blar­ing” said Robert Hall, pres­i­dent of Affin­ity Ad­vi­sory Net­work when com­ment­ing on the state of re­tire­ment plan­ning for most peo­ple.

“It’s re­ally a loom­ing cri­sis for most peo­ple be­cause their money is not pro­tected” he said.

“Is your money safe? Most peo­ple are very shocked and sur­prised to learn that even with a will and trust and other reg­u­lar re­tire­ment plan­ing doc­u­ments that they are NOT pro­tected. The gov­ern­ment can still take nearly all of your money and even force the sale of your house to pay for the ris­ing costs of long- term care” said Hall.

Robert Hall holds the rare CRFA des­ig­na­tion which stands for Cer­ti­fied Re­tire­ment Fi­nan­cial Ad­vi­sor. Rec­og­nized by FINRA, the Fi­nan­cial In­dus­try Reg­u­la­tory Author­ity, Hall has ob­tained highly spe­cial­ized knowl­edge of re­tire­ment and es­tate plan­ning. What fol­lows is the in­ter­view con­ducted with this ex­pert:

QHow does the gov­ern­ment “take” all my money if I’m en­ter­ing an as­sisted liv­ing or nurs­ing home fa­cil­ity?

AWhat they do is look at all of your bank ac­counts and what the amounts have been over the past five years and they will force you to spend it all on your longterm care bill. For ex­am­ple, if you have $50,000 in sav­ings and your fa­cil­ity costs $6,023 per month (yes, that’s the av­er­age), then your sav­ings will last 8 months. Only af­ter that has all been spent can you ap­ply for the state and fed­eral ben­e­fits that you have paid into over a life­time.

QYou men­tioned state and fed­eral ben­e­fits will cover the costs of long-term care, right?

AYes. The com­bined state and fed­eral ben­e­fits will pro­vide up to $12,000 per month. About 70% of fa­cil­i­ties can ac­cept th­ese ben­e­fits as pay­ment. It’s re­ally amaz­ing how fast you can see your life’s sav­ings evap­o­rate when hav­ing to pay for this care out of your pocket.

QSo, if the gov­ern­ment can ba­si­cally force me to hand over my life’s sav­ings to them a month at a time to pay for this ex­pen­sive care, how can you pre­vent them from do­ing that?

AWell, it’s not that we pre­vent them from do­ing it but rather we move and pro­tect your as­sets into a place that makes it nearly im­pos­si­ble for the gov­ern­ment to get your money. It’s a spe­cific type of ac­count that is still en­tirely con­trolled by you.

In my view, every­one should have an ar­range­ment like this so that you can keep nearly all you have earned in your life­time and choose to spend it how you wish or even choose to leave it to the next gen­er­a­tion.

QAre there any other ben­e­fits that I might qual­ify for?

AYes, if you are a US Mil­i­tary vet­eran, you may qual­ify for VA Ben­e­fits that can pro­vide up to $2,120 per month tax free for life and that’s more than dou­ble the Spousal So­cial Se­cu­rity ben­e­fit. Only about 2% of those el­i­gi­ble veterans are tak­ing ad­van­tage of this in­credi­ble ben­e­fit. For more in­for­ma­tion, go to and search for: Brian Wil­liams VA Ben­e­fits. This is a video clip of Brian Wil­liams from NBC News ex­plain­ing this lit­tle known ben­e­fit.

QEven if the money and prop­erty are pro­tected in that type of ac­count, I know a lot of read­ers may still be con­cerned about run­ning out of money in re­tire­ment. Do you have a way to guar­an­tee they will have money no mat­ter how long they live?

AYes. There are sev­eral strate­gies we use to cre­ate sup­ple­men­tal re­tire­ment in­come for life. We can ac­tu­ally do this with­out ever touch­ing the prin­ci­ple amount so you can have in­come and still have some­thing to pass along to your spouse or chil­dren. There are real, safe and se­cure ways to ar­range this so that you can truly live your re­tire­ment years with a lot less stress. You’ll have full con­fi­dence re­gard­ing your monthly in­come.

QWe’ve no­ticed the live sem­i­nars your com­pany has hosted over the past three years. Why do you con­tinue to host th­ese events?

AThe land­scape con­tin­ues to change. Rules change. Cri­te­ria change. Plus, we know that cir­cum­stances change for the read­ers of this pa­per too. We know that par­ents age, or re­tire­ment comes closer and there are cer­tain ques­tions that come up as each per­son con­sid­ers what re­tire­ment re­ally looks like and what they can do about it.

We also have an at­tor­ney as part of our pre­sen­ta­tion team at each sem­i­nar be­cause there are cer­tain parts of es­tate plan­ning that must be done by an at­tor­ney.

No lawyers are on our pay­roll, so you can trust that you are re­ceiv­ing completely un­bi­ased in­for­ma­tion. Our sem­i­nars are a great way to learn in a non-sell­ing en­vi­ron­ment. It is just in­for­ma­tion paired with great food.

QDo you find that some peo­ple would pre­fer to meet at your of­fice and not ask their ques­tions in a pub­lic sem­i­nar?

AYes. And we cer­tainly wel­come that. It’s dur­ing those one-on-one meet­ings where we can an­swer the ques­tions and sug­gest spe­cific so­lu­tions that re­ally fit and make a dif­fer­ence for the per­son or cou­ple.

Hon­estly, one of the best parts of this busi­ness is see­ing the stress and ten­sion melt away when they re­al­ize there are real, solid, safe, and se­cure steps that can be taken to pro­tect what they have earned and cre­ate in­come for life.

With­out this in­for­ma­tion, you will likely fall vic­tim to the greedy hands of the gov­ern­ment as they force you to ei­ther spend-down your as­sets a full five years prior to need­ing as­sisted liv­ing or nurs­ing home care or use all of your sav­ings and prop­erty to cover the cost of this care un­til you have al­most noth­ing left.

We don’t be­lieve ei­ther of those are good op­tions. So, let me of­fi­cially in­vite your read­ers to one of our free-lunch sem­i­nars.

Seat­ing is lim­ited to just 24 read­ers, so if you are se­ri­ous about learn­ing how to cre­ate an in­come for life, or how to pro­tect what you’ve earned from the greedy gov­ern­ment, then make it a point to at­tend one of our sem­i­nars.

Make your plans to at­tend now. The ur­gency is real. With a new ad­min­is­tra­tion in Wash­ing­ton D.C. there is a real like­li­hood of changes com­ing very soon. Us­ing his­tory as a guide, rules and reg­u­la­tions tend to change when ad­min­is­tra­tions change. This could be a volatile year. Look back pe­ri­ods could be re­viewed, wait­ing pe­ri­ods could eas­ily be in­sti­tuted, or other qual­i­fi­ca­tions could change. You know now is the right time to take ac­tion. At­tend the free lunch sem­i­nar and take con­trol of your own fu­ture and the fu­ture of your fam­ily.

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