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The num­ber one cause of os­teoarthri­tis is hered­i­tary. If your par­ents had os­teoarthri­tis there is a good chance you may have it also. Be­cause of this, early treat­ment is highly rec­om­mended to pro­long knee joint health. Other fac­tors that might cause os­teoarthri­tis in­clude the fol­low­ing:

• Be­ing over­weight • Get­ting older (wear and tear) • Joint in­jury • Joints that are not prop­erly formed (align­ment/im­bal­ance prob­lems) • A ge­netic de­fect in the joint car­ti­lage • Stresses on the joints from cer­tain ac­tiv­i­ties in­clud­ing sports, work and leisure ac­tiv­i­ties

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