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There is re­ally is no rea­son to wait for a spe­cial oc­ca­sion to ex­per­i­ment with new fla­vors. For one-stop shop­ping, check out Please Say Cheese, an in­ter­na­tional cheese shop lo­cated on site at Water­ford Wine & Spir­its. Grand Wine and Spir­its has five lo­ca­tions in south­east­ern Con­necti­cut, in­clud­ing the Water­ford store. And while cheese and choco­late are di­vine, it’s good to have a re­li­able re­source of wine and food pair­ings at your fin­ger­tips when plan­ning din­ner or spe­cial gath­er­ings. Grand Wine and Spir­its’ ex­pan­sive web­site hosts a sim­ple but in­for­ma­tive, user-friendly guide to food and wine pair­ings – in­clud­ing vege­tar­ian pair­ings and game pair­ings – even fried chicken!

Some ex­cerpts:

• Steak: “It is im­por­tant to think about the cut of steak you’ll be hav­ing for din­ner. Leaner cuts such as eye of round, sir­loin or round roasts will work best with light to medi­um­bod­ied red wines. If you are hav­ing a fat­tier cut, such as filet mignon, porter­house or rib eye, you will want a bold red with high tan­nins.”

• Burg­ers: “If you make the patty the star of your burger and have min­i­mal top­pings, a red meat-friendly wine like a caber­net sau­vi­gnon works well. If you are mak­ing a big, bold burger, try a Mal­bec. It has a more ro­bust fla­vor to stand up to all your top­pings! Want a white wine with your burger? Try a chardon­nay. It will work well with most top­pings and the acid­ity helps cut through the fat­ti­ness of the meat and cheese.”

• Steamed Clams: “Light, briny shell­fish go best with del­i­cate, light white wines. Bub­bly wines are al­ways a safe bet when you aren’t sure what to pair with seafood.”

• Tofu: “Soft tofu dishes are gen­er­ally very sub­tle in fla­vor work­ing best with a light-bod­ied, clean white wines. With firm or dry tofu dishes, you want acidic wines to ac­cen­tu­ate the tex­ture of the tofu.”

• White Sauce (pasta): “Cream sauces can be paired with lots of dif­fer­ent op­tions. Like with other meals, keep in mind what kind of sauce. Is it pep­pery? Try a Caber­net Sau­vi­gnon or Shi­raz. Is it cheesy? Try a medium-bod­ied red like a pinot noir. Is it a yo­ghurt sauce? Try a rose.”

For lots more de­tails and great ideas, visit grand­wine­and­spir­­ing/

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