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New York — Amer­ica’s weight prob­lem isn’t get­ting any bet­ter, ac­cord­ing to new govern­ment re­search. Over­all, obe­sity fig­ures stayed about the same: About 40 per­cent of adults are obese and 18.5 per­cent of chil­dren. Those num­bers are a slight in­crease from the last re­port but the dif­fer­ence is so small that it could have oc­curred by chance. Wor­ri­some to ex­perts is the rate for chil­dren and teenagers, which had hov­ered around 17 per­cent for a decade. The 2-to-5 age group had the big­gest rise. The years ahead will show if that’s a sta­tis­ti­cal blip or marks the start of a real trend, said the re­port’s lead au­thor, Dr. Craig Hales of the U.S. Cen­ters for Dis­ease Con­trol and Preven­tion.

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