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1. Christopher Colum­bus mis­took a manatee for amer­maid. While the ex­plor­erwas sail­ing in 1493, he thought he saw three mer­maids near­which present-day coun­try in the Greater An­tilles— Do­mini­can Repub­lic or Trinidad and Tobago?

2. Pea­cocks can fan out their tail feath­ers as wide as a sofa. Pea­cocks are the na­tional bird ofwhich coun­try that bor­ders the Lac­cadive Sea— Pak­istan or In­dia?

3. Which is­land is not an over­seas depart­ment of France— Mar­tinique, Tas­ma­nia or Réunion?

4. Which archipelago is not lo­cated in Asia— In­done­sia, Ba­hamas or the Philip­pines?

5. Saint Basil’s Cathe­dral, an Ortho­dox church, stands on Red Square next to the Krem­lin in which city?

6. Which city in Bri­tish Columbia is home to 1,000-acre Stan­ley Park, which in­cludes for­est trails, lakes and beaches?

7. The Plaza de la Revolucíon, where for­mer Pres­i­dent Fidel Cas­tro made many speeches, is an iconic site in which Caribbean cap­i­tal city?

8. The Azadi Tower and Square marks the west en­trance of which Mid­dle East­ern city nearMount Da­ma­vand?

9. Hainan, an is­land lo­cated east of the Gulf of Tonkin, is part of what coun­try?

10. What is the cap­i­tal and prin­ci­pal city for the state ofWestern Aus­tralia?

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