Wear­ing Adult Di­a­pers or Padded Un­der­wear is No Longer Nec­es­sary

Ac­cord­ing to Dr. Seipel, Leak­ing, Squirm­ing, Squeez­ing, and Em­bar­rass­ing Odors... Even Ac­ci­dents Can Now be a Thing of the Past!

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK — If life isn’t hard enough, now you have to worry about mak­ing it to the bath­room in time. The feel­ing of your blad­der burst­ing and the down right panic of “not mak­ing it” in time can be ab­so­lutely over- whelm­ing.

God for­bid you have to laugh, cough or sneeze at the “wrong” time and when did you start to be­come scared to take a big sip of tea, coffee or wa­ter?

You’re not alone in your bat­tle to con­trol your blad­der. Ac­cord­ing to The Na­tional In­sti­tute of Health, as many as 33 mil­lion Amer­i­cans are af­fected by blad­der con­trol is­sues de­scribed above.

The Fam­ily Se­cret Even the Fam­ily Doesn’t Know

“Most peo­ple who have over­ac­tive blad­ders choose to keep their prob­lem a se­cret,” says Dr. Tracey Seipel, a long- time clin­i­cian who is one of the world’s lead­ing ex­perts in nat­u­ral uro­log­i­cal health care.

“They don’t even tell their spouse or fam­i­lies about it. It af­fects their lives in ev­ery way, in­flu­enc­ing where they go, and even what they will wear in case they have an ac­ci­dent.”

“Black is the color of choice,” says Dr. Seipel, “as it can hide ev­i­dence of pub­lic ac­ci­dents.”

A 100% nat­u­ral, drug- free so­lu­tion de­vel­oped by Dr. Seipel is now avail­able in a re­mark­able, fast- act­ing nat­u­ral for­mula called Blad­der Con­trol.

This so­phis­ti­cated her­bal com­pound has been shown in clin­i­cal stud­ies to im­prove blad­der con­trol with re­duc­tions in blad­der fre­quency, noc­turia ( hav­ing to uri­nate at night), ur­gency, and blad­der dis­com­fort, some­times in as lit­tle as two weeks.

No More Run­ning to the Toi­let

Since its in­tro­duc­tion in Aus­tralia, more than 25,000 peo­ple have suc­cess­fully used the Blad­der Con­trol for­mula.

Dr. Seipel’s for­mula has made a be­liever out of 45- year- old, mother of three, Brandy W., from Bris­bane, Aus­tralia.

“I had a high blad­der fre­quency as a child,” says Brandy, “but my fre­quency re­ally wors­ened af­ter the birth of my first child.”

A friend who was aware of Brandy’s con­di­tion told her about Dr. Seipel’s for­mula. “Af­ter two weeks, I had al­ready no­ticed changes,” smiles Brandy.**

“I was find­ing that al­though I felt I needed to uri­nate, I wasn’t des­per­ate to run to the toi­let. Now, when I get up in the morn­ing,” she adds, “I’m able to make the coffee and even have a cup be­fore need­ing to go, which is a great im­prove­ment!”

How Does It Work?

“Blad­der Con­trol helps ag­ing blad­ders feel and func­tion years younger by re­vi­tal­iz­ing blad­der tone and func­tion, and by help­ing im­prove kid­ney health,” says Dr. Seipel.

“Blad­der Con­trol pro­motes nor­mal uri­nary fre­quency, and re­duces ur­gency, noc­turia and those em­bar­rass­ing, away- from- home blad­der ac­ci­dents,” adds Dr. Seipel.

“The com­pound in­vig­o­rates the tone of the blad­der wall, restor­ing a healthy level of firm­ness by en­hanc­ing the blad­der’s mus­cu­lar elas­tic­ity. This re­duces the fre­quent urge to uri­nate,” ex­plains Dr. Seipel.

Pos­i­tive Clin­i­cal Trial

This nat­u­ral, drug- free Blad­der Con­trol for­mula has per­formed well in a clin­i­cal study.

In one early con­trolled, ran­dom­ized trial, par­tic­i­pants saw re­sults in as lit­tle as two weeks. But the best was yet to come.

Two weeks later, par­tic­i­pants shocked study ob­servers by re­port­ing an as­tound­ing 88% im­prove­ment in their qual­ity of life.

Thirty days later, ev­ery study par­tic­i­pant, 100% of them, re­ported that their qual­ity of life had im­proved markedly.

Re­sults like th­ese are not sur­pris­ing to Dr. Seipel who sin­gle- hand­edly pi­o­neered the blad­der care cat­e­gory in the early 2000’ s, re­ceiv­ing an award from the pres­ti­gious US Nutri­tion Busi­ness Jour­nal for her work.

Her pa­tent- pend­ing for­mula con­sist­ing of se­lect, syn­er­gis­ti­cally paired botan­i­cals like Crat­eva nur­vala, Equise­tum ar­vense and Lin­dera ag­gre­gata, was 15 years in the mak­ing.

Dr. Seipel searched for an ef­fec­tive, nat­u­ral so­lu­tion as an al­ter­na­tive to cur­rent treat­ments that can cause mem­ory loss and have a dis­tress­ing dry­ing ef­fect on the body, “caus­ing blurred vi­sion, con­sti­pa­tion, dry mouth, nau­sea, and other neg­a­tive ef­fects,” says Dr. Seipel.

Adios to Adult Di­a­pers

“Over­ac­tive blad­der syn­drome and/ or uri­nary in­con­ti­nence are wide­spread prob­lems,” says Dr. Seipel. Many of th­ese in­di­vid­u­als wear adult di­a­pers.

In­sid­ers in the adult di­a­per in­dus­try are keep­ing a close eye on Dr. Seipel’s blad­der sup­port break­through be­cause of peo­ple like 78- year- old re­tired teacher, Glenda B. from Gold Coast, Aus­tralia.

Glenda wore adult di­a­pers ev­ery day to guard against ac­ci­dents.

“My blad­der ca­pac­ity was good but the leak­age and ac­ci­dents would oc­cur a few times a day with­out warn­ing. So, I wore them ev­ery day,” con­fesses Glenda.

Since Glenda dis­cov­ered Dr. Seipel’s Blad­der Con­trol for­mula, you won’t find her shop­ping in the adult di­a­per sec­tion of the store any­more.

“Af­ter only 10 days on Blad­der Con­trol, I stopped wear­ing my di­a­pers. Now, I am man­ag­ing very well, thank you,” says Glenda. Ac­cord­ing to Euromon­i­tor In­ter­na­tional, a re­spected mar­ket re­search firm, the size of the adult di­a­per mar­ket in the U. S. was ap­prox­i­mately $ 1.4 Bil­lion in 2012.

Prostate or Blad­der? Hard to Tell

His- and- Her Re­sults

“Be­cause male and fe­male blad­ders, other than size, are iden­ti­cal,” says Dr. Seipel, “the for­mula works equally well for both men and women”.

“It’s a his- and- her for­mula,” she smiles. David M., age 46, can at­test to this. “I was hav­ing to go to the toi­let ev­ery hour or so and I had to go to the toi­let at least four times per night.”

Four weeks af­ter start­ing Blad­der Con­trol, David says, “My trips to the toi­let have def­i­nitely re­duced and I’m hav­ing much bet­ter sleep, get­ting up maybe once a night.”

If you’re ready to put an end to your gonow uri­na­tion urges, to those fran­tic trips to the bath­room, and if you are look­ing for the con­fi­dence and se­cu­rity that a healthy blad­der can bring to your life, here’s your risk- free op­por­tu­nity.

Spe­cial Op­por­tu­nity for Our Read­ers

Dr Seipel has ar­ranged ( for a lim­ited time) to pro­vide our read­ers a full 60 days to try Blad­der Con­trol at home com­pletely Risk Free. That’s how con­fi­dent she is that it will work for you.

And... if you call to­day we are of­fer­ing a lim­ited num­ber of FREE 30 day bot­tles as part of our “Fix My Blad­der” spe­cial pro­mo­tion, call now for de­tails at 1- 800- 685- 4294.

In as lit­tle as four weeks, you could be sleep­ing through the night, tak­ing long trips in the car again, and feel­ing con­fi­dent and self- as­sured all with­out adult di­a­pers or ab­sorbent un­der­wear. Put those padded un­der­wear and adult di­a­pers back on the shelf where they be­long. But don’t wait. Sup­plies are very lim­ited. Call now at 1- 800- 685- 4294.

Many men con­fuse the symp­toms of over­ac­tive blad­der syn­drome with prostate woes.

Dr. Seipel ex­plains, “Prostate en­large­ment re­stricts urine flow. The blad­der com­pen­sates for this by try­ing harder and harder to push the urine out.”

“This causes struc­tural changes to the blad­der,” adds Dr. Seipel, “Caus­ing blad­der walls to thicken and lose elas­tic­ity.” As blad­der pres­sure in­creases, so does in­stances of uri­nary fre­quency and ur­gency. Long af­ter a man’s prostate woes are re­lieved, he may still ex­pe­ri­ence the same symp­toms thanks to his now- over­ac­tive blad­der.

Store shelves are over­flow­ing with adult

di­a­pers and ab­sorbent un­der­wear

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