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1. Pet­ro­glyphs and rock paint­ings in Fri­joles Canyon are a key at­trac­tion at Ban­de­lier Na­tional Mon­u­ment, lo­cated south of Los Alamos in which state?

2. Cabrillo Na­tional Mon­u­ment, lo­cated near San Diego, marks the site where the first Euro­pean ex­pe­di­tion set foot on the west coast of the present-day United States. This mon­u­ment is lo­cated in which state?

3. Rap mu­sic called Rap-e Farsi some­times cri­tiques the govern­ment in which coun­try south of the Caspian Sea?

4. Game­lan or­ches­tras com­posed of gongs struck by mal­lets pro­vide the mu­sic for many tem­ple cer­e­monies on the is­land of Bali in which coun­try?

5. Which cul­tural re­gion that lies mainly north of the Arc­tic Cir­cle ex­tends across thenorth­ern parts of Nor­way, Swe­den, and Fin­land and into the Kola Penin­sula in Rus­sia?

6.What coun­try is bor­dered by Costa Rica and Colom­bia?

7. What coun­try is bor­dered by Mon­go­lia and Bhutan?

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