The Denver Post - - TRAVEL - Quip Elec­tric Sin­gle Tooth­brush Set (with­out tooth­paste) is $35 with plas­tic han­dle; $50 with alu­minum han­dle; ad­di­tional brush heads are $5 apiece; at

Why read about yet another elec­tric tooth­brush, when myr­iad high-tech brands and cheap shrink-wrapped al­ter­na­tives al­ready are vy­ing for a bite of the mar­ket? Now, stay with me. The Quip Elec­tric Tooth­brush is a sleek new op­tion that is par­tic­u­larly well-suited for travel. The tooth­brush nes­tles ei­ther brush-side up or down in a plas­tic base unit that can be mounted against glass or tile via a slim ad­he­sive back­ing that leaves no residue and can be re­peat­edly reused and wiped clean. The whole kit and ca­boo­dle slides into a slim, trans­par­ent 9-inch-long screw-top cylin­der for trans­port or stor­age. That’s way more hy­gienic than the thin snap-on bris­tle cov­ers you get with bud­get elec­tric tooth­brushes, and more com­pact than the bulky cases usu­ally pro­vided with high-end brands. The Quip soft ny­lon-bris­tle brush vi­brates -as op­posed to spin­ning -- and op­er­ates on one re­place­able AAA bat­tery. The tooth­brush turns on and off with the push of a but­ton. Once ac­ti­vated, the Quip runs through a two-minute pro­gram of four 30-sec­ond vi­bra­tion rounds, sep­a­rated by brief pauses. The pauses are meant to re­mind you to change tooth quad­rants. Press the but­ton to stop the process at any time, or start more rounds. The most ba­sic Quip set comes with a blue or green plas­tic han­dle or more ex­pen­sive alu­minum han­dle in metal­lic sil­ver, slate, cop­per or gold. The com­pany would like you to buy a starter set, which in­cludes a big and small tube of pro­pri­etary Quip tooth­paste, or, how about a tooth­paste sub­scrip­tion, which keeps those tubes com­ing at des­ig­nated in­ter­vals, and on some plans, in­cludes ex­tra brush heads? My ad­vice: Skip the tooth­paste, and buy brush-head re­place­ments a la carte.

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