The Christ­mas spirit seems to have in­fused Cy the Cynic and Wendy. Cy, a chau­vin­ist, and Wendy, my club’s ar­dent fem­i­nist, are al­ways ar­gu­ing. All they’ve ever

The Denver Post - - FEATURES - By Frank Ste­wart

ex­changed for Christ­mas have been sour looks, but af­ter to­day’s deal, they ac­tu­ally smiled.

The two were East-West in a penny game, de­fend­ing against four hearts dou­bled, and Cy led the ace of clubs. Wendy di­ag­nosed the lead for the sin­gle­ton it was and played the ten as a suit-pref­er­ence sig­nal: a strik­ingly high club to sug­gest an en­try in the high-rank­ing side suit.

The Cynic duly led a spade, and Wendy took the queen and led the eight of clubs: suit pref­er­ence again. Cy ruffed, led a spade to Wendy’s ace, ruffed the next club and gave Wendy a spade ruff. Down three, plus 800 to East-West.

“Nice dou­ble, part­ner,” Wendy said. “You fi­nally did some­thing right.”

“Nice sig­nals, part­ner,” Cy forced out. “Your de­fense was sur­pris­ingly good.”

For Cy and Wendy, it was a lav­ish ex­change of com­pli­ments.

Daily Ques­tion: You hold: & 874 h A Q1098 ( AQ $ 6 4 3. Your part­ner opens one club, you bid one heart and he re­bids two clubs. What do you say?

An­swer: A raise to three clubs or a jump-re­bid of three hearts would be in­vi­ta­tional, not forc­ing, and you have enough strength to com­mit to game. To blast into 3NT might work, but your part­ner prob­a­bly should be de­clarer at that con­tract. Bid two di­a­monds. If he next bids two hearts or 2NT, you will know what to do. by Dana Sum­mers

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