How to cut up a whole chicken

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There’s one re­ally good rea­son to cut up a whole chicken: It’s al­ways a lot cheaper to buy a whole bird than al­ready cut-up pieces like thighs or breasts. You also can do this with duck or goose and, if you’re strong enough, with a whole turkey. Start with a se­cure, dry cut­ting board and a sharp, dry chef ’s knife. First, cut down into the leg at the breast; then pop the leg and thigh from the breast and de­tach both as a unit. Then sep­a­rate the leg and thigh where they meet; feel where, then slice. Re­peat on the other side of the chicken. Do pretty much the same with the smaller wings. With kitchen shears or the chef ’s knife, sep­a­rate the back­bone from the breasts. Fi­nally, align the big knife along the breast­bone and give a hard slice down, cut­ting the breasts in two. There you have it: one chicken, eight pieces.

Amy Brothers, The Den­ver Post

Bill St. John cuts a whole chicken into eight parts.

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