Want to cut that leaf; it’s feed­ing the plant for next year.

The Denver Post - - GROW - Ju­nipers ( many va­ri­eties) Why grow them: Spe­cial to The Den­ver Post Cherry or other small to­ma­toes. Why grow them:

Where to find: High Coun­try Gar­dens, mail- or­der bulb houses or big­ger in­die gar­den cen­ters. Scope out your gar­den spots for them now, buy them by late sum­mer ( don’t wait for a sale; they sell out); and plant in late Oc­to­ber or Novem­ber.

Ju­nipers should get more re­spect. Need a wind­screen? They’ll be that. Need a ground­cover? They’ll be that. Need some­thing deer don’t eat? Check. Need to keep out neigh­bor­hood dogswho leave sou­venirs? Plant the stabby va­ri­eties. Ju­nipers tend to get wide, so thor­oughly scope out the “ma­ture size” spec­i­fi­ca­tions. There are al­ways new­va­ri­eties and col­ors of this can- do conifer group on the mar­ket; one mim­ics aTus­can cy­press at 20 feet tall (“Wood­ward” colum­nar); an­other is a haunt­ing blue- gray (“Moon­glow”); a third goes by the name of “Blue Rug.” To save money, buy smaller trees – they’re eas­ier to plant and they take root more quickly.

Needs: Sup­ple­men­tal wa­ter dur­ing the first win­ter and spring. Not par­tic­u­lar about soil.

Plant it with: Shrub roses or other

To some peo­ple, it’s just not a gar­den with­out to­ma­toes. But if you’re a black thumb, you want the eas­i­est, most bul­let­proof ver­sion you can get. Go with a pro­lific, small- fruited, early- sea­son va­ri­ety that pumps out fruit with­out ask­ing too much of you.

Three va­ri­eties fit the bill: Sun­gold, a yel­low- or­ange cherry that’s sweet as candy and wins to­mato taste tests all over the coun­try; Sweet

Sun­gold cherry to­ma­toes are candy- store sweet and easy to grow. Su­san Clot­fel­ter,

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