Ap­palled by car­toon of Kim Jong-un and Trump

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The po­lit­i­cal car­toons on the back page of the Per­spec­tive sec­tion last Sun­day were the low­est of the low. I don’t care if you are a Demo­crat, Repub­li­can or in­de­pen­dent, whether you voted for Don­ald Trump or not, the car­toon of Kim Jong-un press­ing a but­ton to re­lease a mis­sile with the cap­tion “You’re fired” made me sick to my stom­ach.

To run a car­toon that equates Amer­ica’s pres­i­dent to a lu­natic so close to ac­quir­ing a nu­clear weapon that can de­stroy Seat­tle, New York or Chicago or Den­ver is re­ally ap­palling. Kim Jong-un has killed and starved his peo­ple, in­clud­ing a rel­a­tive. He would have no com­punc­tion in killing as many Amer­i­cans as pos­si­ble. Ref­er­ence Otto Warm­bier as another ex­am­ple of this dic­ta­tor’s bru­tal­ity. Therese Roth, Den­ver

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