Is Don­ald Trump Jr. a traitor? Is the Rus­sia story a faux scan­dal?

The Denver Post - - NATION & WORLD - Re: Re: Bar­bara Herbst, Jon Bush­nell, Linda McGrath,

“Me­dia’s hys­te­ria on Trump and Rus­sia is out of con­trol,” July 12 Ed Rogers col­umn.

Ed Rogers of The Wash­ing­ton Post calls the Don­ald Trump Jr. in­ter­ac­tion with a Rus­sian op­er­a­tive “the last gasp of a faux scan­dal.” Re­ally? Ask Bene­dict Arnold. He col­luded with the Bri­tish dur­ing the Rev­o­lu­tion­ary War to un­der­mine the abil­ity of our forces to win the war. Now his name is syn­ony­mous with the word “traitor.”

Trump Jr. ad­mits to do­ing some­thing equally nox­ious. He ac­tively sought out to col­lude with our long-time en­emy Rus­sia to un­der­mine the in­tegrity of our na­tional elec­tion sys­tem. Our sys­tem of elec­tions, free from the in­flu­ence of for­eign pow­ers, is the bedrock of our democ­racy.

Young, naive, new to the game of pol­i­tics? Nope, that doesn’t fly. Any Amer­i­can ci­ti­zen knows full well that you don’t al­low Rus­sia to in any way, shape or form in­flu­ence the out­come of our na­tional elec­tions. ●●●

“Rus­sia col­lu­sion? Sure looks like it,” July 12 editorial.

The im­be­cil­ity of The Den­ver Post never ceases to amuse and as­tound me. To con­flate the “damn­ing” ev­i­dence (i.e., Don­ald Trump Jr. meet­ing with a Rus­sian lawyer) with col­lu­sion, con­trary to the con­sen­sus of le­gal ex­perts, is not only mis­lead­ing, but dis­grace­ful. Given Hil­lary Clin­ton’s clear vi­o­la­tion of the law, one can just as eas­ily make a case that it was a civic duty to find out what in­for­ma­tion the lawyer pos­sessed. Af­ter all, doesn’t the Amer­i­can pub­lic have a right to know?

The “smok­ing gun” bal­ly­hooed by Democrats and The New York Times (and The Den­ver Post) is re­ally only them blow­ing smoke.


If Rus­sia’s goal is to dis­rupt the efficiency and work­ings of our fed­eral gov­ern­ment, it has suc­ceeded. No real gov­ern­ing is hap­pen­ing. Only at­tack and sub­se­quent de­fen­sive at­tack among the branches of gov­ern­ment and me­dia are hap­pen­ing.

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