Cy the Cynic says that when a man presents his wife with a bou­quet of flow­ers for no rea­son, there’s a rea­son.

The Denver Post - - FEATURES - By Frank Ste­wart

In to­day’s deal, West led a club against four spades, and the con­tract looked un­beat­able. Say East takes two clubs and leads a heart. De­clarer wins, cashes the ace of spades, leads a di­a­mond to dummy and re­turns a spade to his ten: a safety play. If West could win, the de­fense would get only one trump.

East saw that com­ing. He won the first club with the ace and led ... the deuce of di­a­monds!

South knew there must be a rea­son for that odd play: Clearly, East had led a sin­gle­ton. If West got in, he would give East a di­a­mond ruff.

So South aban­doned the safety play. He took the A-K of trumps, re­ly­ing on a 3-2 break. When West dis­carded, South took the ace of hearts, led a di­a­mond to dummy, threw a club on the king of hearts and tried to cash two more di­a­monds to pitch his last club. East ruffed the third di­a­mond and took his king of clubs. Down one.

Daily Ques­tion: You hold: & QJ62 h J 743 ( 92 $ A K 6. The dealer, at your left, opens three di­a­monds. Your part­ner dou­bles, and the next player passes. What do you say?

An­swer: Part­ner has a hand worth at least 17 points with sup­port for the un­bid suits. You should have a game, but you must find your best trump suit. (Part­ner might have four-card sup­port for one ma­jor but only three cards in the other.) Cue-bid four di­a­monds to let him pick a suit.

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