Cy the Cynic con­tin­ues to have weight is­sues. He loses two pounds and gains three back.

The Denver Post - - FEATURES - By Frank Ste­wart

“You should make a se­ri­ous ef­fort to lose,” I told Cy in the club lounge. “Take a look at your­self. Mir­rors don’t lie.”

“Luck­ily, they can’t laugh ei­ther,” the Cynic said.

In a team match, Cy sat West at his ta­ble. He wasn’t laugh­ing af­ter to­day’s deal ended, but ev­ery­one else was. Against three clubs, Cy led a trump, and South drew trumps and hud­dled. He knew East had a spade honor — surely the king. If Cy had held the A-K or K-Q , his open­ing lead would have been a high spade. East also had the queen of trumps, so to have the 16 points his 1NT open­ing bid promised, Cy needed ev­ery other miss­ing honor.

So in­stead of lead­ing the seven of di­a­monds and hop­ing Cy jumped up with the ace, or hop­ing for an un­likely end play, South went for a swin­dle: He led a low heart!

The Cynic eyed that card war­ily, but he couldn’t believe de­clarer would lead away from the K-Q of hearts. So Cy played low, and dummy’s ten won. South lost a heart, a di­a­mond and two spades, mak­ing three for plus 110, and ev­ery­body ex­cept Cy had a good laugh.

Cy loses on the deal even if he beats three clubs. At the other ta­ble, East-west com­peted to three spades. Af­ter South for Cy’s team cashed two clubs, a de­vi­ous shift to a LOW heart would have given the de­fense a chance. But South ac­tu­ally led the queen of di­a­monds. De­clarer took the ace, drew trumps, lost a di­a­mond to North’s king and threw a heart on dummy’s good di­a­mond, mak­ing three for plus 140.

West dealer N-S vul­ner­a­ble

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