Are you ready to view the Au­gust 21 so­lar eclipse?

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The eclipse is not quite two weeks away, and, if you haven’t or­dered your spe­cial view­ing glasses, you’ll want to do it right now.

When we spoke with Dr. Jef­frey Ben­nett in May, he gave us some good in­for­ma­tion about the eclipse, which you can find here: https://

If you haven’t al­ready made plans to travel some place where the eclipse will be to­tal, it’s too late to get a mo­tel room or camp­ground, but you’ll still get a very good show in the Den­ver area, where the eclipse will blot out about 92 per­cent of the Sun.

There’s more in­for­ma­tion and links about the eclipse at

You will want those spe­cial glasses, be­cause you can se­ri­ously dam­age your eyes by look­ing di­rectly at the eclipse, but you can also watch the eclipse by punching a pin­hole in a piece of pa­per, then let­ting the Sun shine through that hole onto a sec­ond piece of pa­per. By mov­ing the two pieces of pa­per apart un­til you find the right dis­tance, you’ll get a sharp “pic­ture” of the Sun and you can watch it dis­ap­pear and reap­pear that way.

Of course, the fact that it be­gins at 10:25 am on a school day sug­gests that, un­less you are trav­el­ing to where it is to­tal, you’ll be watch­ing it with your class and teach­ers. photo/Rob­bert Smit

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