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Long­time res­i­dents of Detroit’s high-crime ar­eas are forced to learn strate­gies to avoid be­com­ing crime vic­tims. Mem­bers of the Face­book group “Detroit Crime and Homi­cide” shared th­ese tips:

Af­ter buy­ing a tele­vi­sion or com­puter, never leave the box in front of the house, be­cause it lets thieves know there’s some­thing worth steal­ing in­side.

If you’re at a fast-food res­tau­rant drive-through and you’re be­hind an­other ve­hi­cle, leave enough space so that you’re not boxed in and can drive away if some­one tries to rob you.

As you ap­proach a red light, look around for bushes, build­ings, or any­thing else that could make a hid­ing place for car­jack­ers. Also, leave space between your ve­hi­cle and those in front or be­hind you, so you can’t be boxed in. Gas up dur­ing the day. Carry a “de­coy wal­let” con­tain­ing a few dol­lars and an empty debit card, so if you’re robbed you can hand it over, in­stead of the real wal­let con­tain­ing credit cards, iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and other im­por­tant doc­u­men­ta­tion.

Don’t keep your Christ­mas tree near a win­dow, be­cause it sig­nals to peo­ple out­side there are presents that may be worth steal­ing.

If pos­si­ble, when mov­ing into a new home, do so at night, or cover be­long­ings with a blan­ket, so peo­ple won’t see what you’re bring­ing into the house.

Change up your daily rou­tine, such as when you leave for work or the routes you take.

Never post on so­cial me­dia if you’re go­ing to be away from home. Also re­frain from brag­ging on so­cial me­dia about ex­pen­sive pur­chases.

Put your purse in the trunk while driv­ing; or if you have it in your seat, in­ter­twine the strap with the seat belt to make it more dif­fi­cult to snatch.

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