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Michi­gan ju­nior line­backer Devin Bush Jr. didn’t hes­i­tate dur­ing a ra­dio ap­pear­ance Fri­day morn­ing when asked which ri­val he dis­likes more, Michi­gan State or Ohio State.

Bush, a co-cap­tain, was on 97.1 The Ticket’s “Jamie and Stoney” show Fri­day morn­ing.

At the end of the show in a quick-hit­ter seg­ment with hosts Mike Stone and Jamie Sa­muelsen, Bush was asked who he dis­likes more, Michi­gan State or Ohio State and why.

“I hate Michi­gan State,” Bush said. “I don’t like Michi­gan State. I don’t like Ohio State ei­ther, but I just don’t like Michi­gan State. I don’t want even want to touch that green.”

Here are some high­lights from Bush’s ra­dio ap­pear­ance:

Would you have pre­ferred play­ing a game be­fore Notre Dame? “To be hon­est, I ac­tu­ally liked we played Notre Dame first game. We learned a lot from that game. Play­ing a re­ally good team the first game of the sea­son re­ally tests your team as a whole, even the coach­ing staff as well. Be­ing able to make cor­rec­tions off those films and know­ing what we did wrong and how can we im­prove is go­ing to make us a bet­ter team in the fu­ture.”

What is the at­ti­tude of the de­fense — no team should ever score? “Yeah, we feel like that ev­ery week no mat­ter who it is. We pride our­selves on hold­ing peo­ple un­der 14 points, but re­ally we don’t want you to score. We only want tack­les for losses.”

On the de­fense early against Notre Dame: “Big plays hurt. You want to limit those. Those guys are coached to make plays as well, but as a de­fense you’ve got to try your best to limit those big plays. When stuff goes wrong you’ve got to be able to get back in them.”

On Har­baugh call­ing him one of the fastest lineback­ers ever seen: “I like to use my speed and my quick­ness and my ath­leti­cism as much as I can. I use that to my biggest ad­van­tage when I’m on the field. I like to make those things my game.”

On whether he thinks speed is more im­por­tant or smarts: “Smarts, I would say, is big­ger than phys­i­cally do­ing it. When you can an­tic­i­pate some­thing, your re­ac­tion is go­ing to be so much faster than everybody, so it’s go­ing to seem like you’re mov­ing faster.”

What was the thought process for the de­fense af­ter the first eight min­utes at Notre Dame? “It was, get back in the groove. Let’s limit those plays. We weren’t as shocked as peo­ple thought we was, but it was more like, ‘OK, it’s out the way now, let’s get back to what we do best and get these three-and-outs and get the of­fense the ball.”





On play­ing for de­fen­sive co­or­di­na­tor Don Brown: “He’s the best thing that ever hap­pened to me, you know, be­sides my dad and ev­ery­thing. But play­ing for coach Brown, he re­ally con­nects with his play­ers and he re­ally loves you. He re­minds us ev­ery day, ‘Hey guys, I love you. I love you like you’re my sons,’ and he lets you play. He’s go­ing to let you do what you do best.”

On the quirki­est thing Har­baugh has done: “It was a game night last year, he was talk­ing about be­ing tough. He brings up a story about go­ing to get ice cream af­ter a Lit­tle League game back when he was nine or 10 years old. He didn’t have any money, and he went with a friend. And they’re like, ‘Yo, Jim, would you like some ice cream?’ He was like, ‘Nah, I’m good, I don’t want ice cream. I can re­sist it. I’m good.’ But he said deep down inside he re­ally wanted the ice cream. He was lick­ing his lips. He was be­ing men­tally tough, and he did not want the ice cream.”

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Michi­gan line­backer Devin Bush, right, helps tackle Western Michi­gan run­ning back Le­Vante Bel­lamy dur­ing last week’s Wolver­ines rout.

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