”Spe­cial Baby”

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One day in Heaven, God said to his an­gels there is go­ing to be a baby born to a fam­ily and this baby is go­ing to be some­body spe­cial.

And so it came to be that this baby was born to an or­di­nary fam­ily and was raised to young adult­hood and still was noth­ing spe­cial. The an­gels said, “God you said this baby would be some­body spe­cial but it is not. God said, “Just wait, my chil­dren.”

The “spe­cial baby” be­came a young adult, met a man, and was mar­ried and they be­came a young cou­ple. The young cou­ple moved far away from their fam­i­lies and learned to deeply love and de­pend on each other. They also had a baby of their own.

Later this fam­ily moved back near their fam­i­lies and set­tled down to raise their baby. As time passed, this young cou­ple had many tri­als and tribu­la­tions. And again, the an­gels said, “God you said this child would be some­body spe­cial but it is not.” And God again said, “Just wait, my chil­dren.”

Time passed and the “spe­cial” baby was how an el­derly person and had sev­eral health prob­lems. Can­cer would raise its ugly head but was de­feated. Heart prob­lems would also af­fect the el­derly person but that too was de­feated. All the while, the young cou­ple’s baby was raised and had two chil­dren of its own, so by now the “spe­cial baby” be­came a grand­par­ent.

The “spe­cial baby” was deeply loved by its spouse, its baby and its grand­chil­dren. Even­tu­ally, one of the grand­chil­dren mar­ried and had a baby of its own, mak­ing the spe­cial baby a great-grand­par­ent. Again, the an­gels asked God about the spe­cial baby and again God said, “Just wait, my chil­dren.”

Time again passed and the ag­ing spe­cial baby’s can­cer re­turned but by now the spe­cial baby was older and very tired and not in very good health.

Now God said to the spe­cial baby, “It’s time for you to come home.” But again the an­gels said, “God, you said this was a spe­cial baby but we do not un­der­stand. What did this spe­cial baby do for you to say that it would be a spe­cial baby?”

And God said, “Look what she has done through­out her life. She mar­ried, gave birth to her own spe­cial baby who would marry a fine Chris­tian man, have and raise two fine chil­dren, one of which would meet and marry a good Chris­tian woman and have a spe­cial baby of their own.”

“My spe­cial baby would sur­vive can­cer, heart by­pass surgery, have surgery on both eyes, have 11 shots in her eye because of mus­cu­lar de­gen­er­a­tion and have COPD all the while never ask­ing ‘why me?’ or com­plain­ing even though her health was fail­ing. What made her ‘spe­cial’ was how spe­cial she was to her hus­band, her daugh­ter, son-in­law, her two grand­chil­dren and one grand­daugh­ter-in-law, her great­grand­son, her sis­ters, brother, and their fam­i­lies, and her lov­ing friends who would say that Ruth was a spe­cial person who was deeply loved and in­spired by all who knew her.”

And the an­gels greeted the “spe­cial baby” with open and lov­ing arms and God said, “Well done, my child. You are truly my spe­cial baby.” Richard R. Gal­lagher

Ed­i­tor’s note: Mr. Gal­lagher wrote the above trib­ute on April 20, 2018, to honor his late wife, Dun­dalk res­i­dent Ruth Gal­lagher, who passed away on Jan. 19.

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