Ku­dos to county for Fort Howard road resur­fac­ing

The Dundalk Eagle - - BY PEOPLE THE - Dale L. Grimes Sr. Den­ton Av­enue Fort Howard

I would like to give Bal­ti­more County and the paving con­trac­tor a thumbs up for an out­stand­ing job of resur­fac­ing the roads in Fort Howard. This is the best our roads have ever been, and I have been liv­ing in Fort Howard since be­fore the start of World War II. I know if my Dad was still alive, he would have to be pleased.

I re­mem­ber in 1943 how my Dad tried to get a street light put up on the al­ley be­tween Blank Av­enue and Fort Av­enue. Back then, the Bal­ti­more County politi­cian told my Dad they couldn’t in­stall street lights on an al­ley. They said they might be able to put one on Blank Av­enue. My Dad said Blank Av­enue was a street that was never used. The street light was needed on the al­ley. Back then, the al­ley was a dirt road full of holes and ruts. My Dad never suc­ceeded in get­ting a street light. In­stead of putting up a street light, the politi­cians sent a man with a bull­dozer to scrape the cen­ter of the al­ley to fill in the holes and smooth over the ruts.

I think my Dad would be pleased to know that the al­ley fi­nally has street lights. It not only has street lights, but it has been paved. Ap­par­ently the pol­icy to in­stall street lights on al­leys has not changed. To­day’s politi­cians had a sim­ple so­lu­tion to the prob­lem. They just re­name the al­ley to Blank Av­enue. Prob­lem solved. Peo­ple to­day might call the al­ley Blank Av­enue, but for those of us who are still around from World War II, the al­ley will al­ways be “Soap Suds Al­ley.”

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