The Dundalk Eagle


- By Fifi Ro­driguez Entertainment · Arts · Delaware · United States of America · Beverly · Clint Eastwood · Dirty Harry · Jim Morrison

1. ASTRON­OMY: How of­ten does the Sun ro­tate on its axis? 2. GE­OG­RA­PHY: What is the state cap­i­tal of Delaware? 3. GOV­ERN­MENT: Which amend­ment to the U.S. Con­sti­tu­tion lim­its pres­i­dents to two terms in of­fice? 4. HIS­TORY: What was the high­est so­cial class in the early Ro­man em­pire? 5. EN­TER­TAIN­ERS: Which 20th-cen­tury ac­tress was born with the name Lu­cille LeSueur? 6. TELE­VI­SION: What were the names of Elly May’s two pet chim­panzees in “The Bev­erly Hill­bil­lies”? 7. ART: Which artist painted “The Per­sis­tence of Mem­ory”? 8. MOVIES: What kind of gun did Clint East­wood carry in the “Dirty Harry” se­ries? 9. MU­SIC: Which singer-song­writer’s nick­name was “The Lizard King”? 10. FOOD & DRINK: What is the most ex­pen­sive spice on earth?

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