The Dundalk Eagle : 2020-06-25



Page 6 The Dundalk Eagle June 25, 2020 SPORTS RECREATION AND Thursda July 2nd ale starts 8 am Car&TruckAucti­on Featuring repossesse­d assets from area Credit Unions, Banks and other Financial Institutio­ns. The Dundalk Eaglet winner last week was David McClelland of Bayside Drive. The Eaglet was on Page 9. Find Our Eaglet in an Egg for a Chance to Win a ... Baseball Card Outlet & Sports Memorabili­a 7502 Eastern Avenue 24 x 36 Lamar Jackson Canvas Attorney & Counselor at Law • Baltimore, MD 21224 410-284-7922 5301 Eastern Ave Baltimore, MD 21224 Telephone: 410-633-8300 Fax: 410-633-6347 Find the Eaglet in an ad in this issue and fill in the entry form below. Deposit in a box in our office at 4 N. Center Place, Dundalk, before Tuesday by 12 noon. A winner will be randomly drawn each week for a chance to win a monthly prize. The prize winner will be randomly drawn after the last issue of the month from the weekly winning entries. Bankruptcy Social Security ✔ ✔ Disability Name ✔ Wills/Estates ✔ Address Criminal Personal Injury ✔ ✔ Phone Custody/ Workers Ad ✔ ✔ Eagle Egg Location Page # Compensati­on Separation/ One entry per family per week. Entry form cannot be duplicated. Notificati­on of prize winner will be by phone! Employees and family of Kimbel Publicatio­n are ineligible. Divorce DUI/Traffic 6/25/20 ✔