The Dundalk Eagle : 2020-07-02



Page 18 The Dundalk Eagle July 2, 2020 By MIKE URSERY Hey, is that Frank Sinatra? No, it’s the late, great Mickey Light! Light, who was a steelworke­r before becoming a performer, used to don his tuxedo and fedora before walking onto a stage and letting the lyrics fly while performing his “Sounds of Sinatra” act. Light, who was George Alvin Leicht, passed away last year. Light was a lover of Frank Sinatra’s music during his teen years. This was prevalent when you watched him on stage. He sounded just like Sinatra. His mannerisms were just like Sinatra. It was as if you were actually watching Frank Sinatra on stage. Sinatra died in 1998, and Light continued with “Sounds of Sinatra,” keeping the New York singer’s spirit alive around Baltimore. If you were a fan of Mickey Light, we hope you enjoy this small performanc­e sent to us in his memor y. Happy 4th of July! Senator Johnny Ray Salling 11 Bladen St. Room 416 Annapolis, MD 21401 410-841-3587 jraysallin­ Authority by Dennis Sennett, Treasurer

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