The Dundalk Eagle - - PUZZLES - By Fifi Ro­driguez

1. GEN­ERAL KNOWL­EDGE: Which U.S. high­way is known by the nick­name “the Mother Road”?

2. FOOD & DRINK: What kind of cock­tail con­tains gin­ger beer, lime juice and vodka?

3. SCI­ENCE: What kind of cloud pro­duces thun­der­storms?

4. MU­SIC: How many mu­si­cians play in a quar­tet?

5. GE­OG­RA­PHY: Which of the seven con­ti­nents is the dri­est?

6. MOVIES: What word is on Austin Pow­ers’ li­cense plate in “Austin Pow­ers: In­ter­na­tional Man of Mys­tery”?

7. HIS­TORY: What was the an­cient Sume­rian form of writ­ing called?

8. TELE­VI­SION: What is the name of Bert’s room­mate on the chil­dren’s show “Sesame Street”?

9. ANATOMY: How many lobes is the hu­man brain di­vided into?

10. MEA­SURE­MENTS: How much liq­uid does a stan­dard jig­ger hold?

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