The Dundalk Eagle : 2020-07-09



Page 10 The Dundalk Eagle Berkshire-rp@ baltimorec­ NPVRecCoun­ northpoint­village-rp@baltimorec­; July 9, 2020 Watersedge 410-887-7134 North Point Village 410-887-7180 Berkshire-Eastwood 410-887-7180 Email: Turner Station 410-887-7134 YOUR DREAM KITCHEN, WITHOUT A RENOVATION. With our custom pull-out shelves, you can always find more space, access, and joy in your Thursda July 16th existing cabinets. ale starts 8 am Car&TruckAucti­on Featuring repossesse­d assets from area Credit Unions, Banks and other Financial Institutio­ns. 50% OFF INSTALLATI­ON* Financial Future Got You Worried? *Limit one offer per household. Must purchase 5+ Classic/Designer Shelves. EXP 8/31/20. If You Are Not Sure What to Do, Call Us! Consultati­ons are Free in Person, by Phone or via Zoom. Law Office of Brian Cavanaugh ® 25 Shipping Place Dundalk 410.285.0022 Schedule your free design consultati­on! (410) 701-2466 Consumer Bankruptcy Protection, Wills, Deeds & Estates REC COUNCIL NEWS Sollers Point MPC 410-887-4364 Email: sollersptm­pc-rp@ baltimorec­ Facility Rentals: Info: Nick Behe, 410-887-4364. Bear Creek 410-887-7529 General Info: http:// www.bearcreekr­ BearCreek-rp@baltimorec­ West Inverness 410-887-7134 Email: WestInvern­essrp@baltimorec­ountymd. gov. Email: TurnerStat­ionrp@baltimorec­ountymd. gov Dundalk PAL 410-887-7229 Email: PALDundalk-rp@ baltimorec­ Email: Watersedge-rp@ baltimorec­ EdgemereSp­arrows Point 410-887-7529 Email: edgemere-rp@ baltimorec­ Email: Colgate 410-887-0255 Email: colgate-rp@baltimorec­; Dundalk-Eastfield 410-887-7155 Email: Dundalk-rp@baltimorec­ Gray Charles 410-887-7180 Gray Charles-rp@baltimorec­

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