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July 9, 2020 The Dundalk Eagle Page 9 No Clipping Required. ON AVERAGE, AARP MEMBERS ENJOY 449 SAVINGS $ * ON AUTO INSURANCE when they switch from companies like GEICO, State Farm and Allstate Call The Hartford Your savings could be even more! 1-866-948-1113 The AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford.1 Saving is easy! With this policy, experience­d drivers who switch save an average of in the first year alone — and they get all the benefits and privileges you’d expect with the AARP Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford. Your own savings could actually be greater. 24/7 claims service Lifetime renewabili­ty† Lock in your rate for a full 12 months New car replacemen­t§§ ■ $449* ■ ■ ■ 96% The only national auto insurance program endorsed by AARP. of customers recommend The Hartford** Call The Hartford now to request a FREE money-saving quote. 1-866-948-1113 No coupon necessary. Not an AARP member? If you’re 50 or over, request a FREE quote and more informatio­n today! FREE duffel bag when you request your free quote!*** HHS clinical staff creates COVID-19 Hotline * Savings amounts are averages based on informatio­n from The Hartford’s AARP Auto Insurance Program customers who became new auto insurance policyhold­ers between 1/1/18 and 12/31/18 and provided data regarding their savings and prior carrier. Your savings may vary. ** Based on customer experience reviews shared online at www.thehartfor­ as of April 2019. *** The gift offer is good for first time responders who provide a valid email address. Responders will be sent an email to confirm the gift. All responders in IA, IL, MA and RI who do not provide an email address are still eligible to receive the gift The gift offer is not available in GA, ND, NM or PA, but residents may still request a quote. The gift is available only as a limited time offer. Please allow 4-7 weeks for delivery. Bottle not included. † If you are age 50 or older, once you’re insured through this Program for ait least 60 days, you cannot be refused renewal as long as applicable premiums are paid when due. Also, you and other customary drivers of your vehicles must retain valid licenses, remain physically and mentally capable of operating an automobile (not applicable in MA), have no conviction­s for driving while intoxicate­d and must not have obtained your policy through material misreprese­ntation. Benefit currently not available in HI, MI, NH, NC and TX. §§ Limitation­s apply. AARP and its affliates are not insurers. Paid endorsemen­t. The Hartford pays royalty fees to AARP for the use of its intellectu­al property. These fees are used for the general purposes of AARP. AARP membership is required for Program eligibilit­y in most states. The AARP Automobile Insurance Program from The Hartford is underwritt­en by Hartford Fire Insurance Company and its affliates, One Hartford Plaza, Hartford, CT 06155. It is underwritt­en in CA by Hartford Underwrite­rs Insurance Company; in WA, by Hartford Casualty Insurance Company; in MN, by Sentinel Insurance Company; and in MA, MI and PA, by Trumbull Insurance Company. Specific features, credits, and discounts may vary and may not be available in all states in accordance with state filings and applicable law. Applicants are individual­ly underwritt­en and some may not qualify. The program is currently unavailabl­e in Canada and U.S. Territorie­s or possession­s. Public Schools have created a COVID-19 Hotline where people can call with any questions regarding the virus. The COVID-19 Hot Line is 410-887-3816 and can be called from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week. The team is diligently answering questions and providing informatio­n to hundreds of callers. They also remind callers to practice social distancing as a key strategy for slowing the spread of the virus. By KAITLIN KULICH Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) clinical staff, assisted by nurses from Baltimore County BALTIMORE COUNTY— 1In Texas, the Auto Program is underwritt­en by Southern County Mutual Insurance Company, through Hartford Fire General Agency. Hartford Fire Insurance Company and its affiliates are not financiall­y responsibl­e for insurance products underwritt­en and issued by Southern County Mutual Insurance Company. 006131 CROWN CORK & SEAL Providing solutions for your business during these times when social distancing and limited contact is the new way of life. READY-TO-ASSEMBLE ACRYLIC SNEEZE GUARDS (VARIOUS SIZES AVAILABLE) Lung Cancer • Other Cancers REUSABLE STENCILS A-FRAME SANDWICH BOARDS Special trusts have been set up by vendors and suppliers of the Crown Cork & Seal plant to pay asbestos victims. You can make a claim without ever leaving your home. Crown Cork & Seal plant before 1982 If you ever worked at the you may have been exposed to - and not even know it. You could be entitled to multiple cash settlement­s going to court, or filing a lawsuit. asbestos without even leaving your house, PORTABLE SIGN BASES Crown Cork & Seal plant, asbestos. diagnosed with Lung Cancer -or Esophageal, Laryngeal, Pharyngeal, Stomach, Colon, Rectal Cancer or Mesothelio­ma, or know someone who died from one of these cancers, If you ever worked at the If you have been you were likely exposed to (even if you are a smoker) 1-800-478-9578 call ADHESIVE VINYL LETTERING NON-SLIP FLOOR GRAPHICS Fastsigns- North Point Free Claims Analysis 4950 North Point Blvd. Baltimore, MD 21219 Nationwide Service Phone: 410-288-9200 E-Mail: Website: Birmingham, Alabama attorney Robert Norris helps injured claimants, nationwide, collect cash benefits from Asbestos Trusts. “No representa­tion is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.”

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