Lo­cal res­i­dent warns to look af­ter your cats

The Dundalk Eagle - - OBITUARIES - By MIKE URS­ERY murs­ery@ches­pub.com

Geral­dine Triplett once had three cats, but now one went miss­ing and never re­turned home.

The miss­ing cat even­tu­ally made it to a home, just not Triplett’s. A res­i­dent of the West In­ver­ness com­mu­nity, Triplett said that at first she didn’t know what had hap­pened to her cat, but soon be­gan putting pieces to­gether af­ter see­ing a post on her com­mu­nity Face­book™ page.

“No­tice to any­one on Shore Rd or nearby who let their cats roam, I will be co­or­di­nat­ing with an­i­mal con­trol to trap cats that are do­ing their busi­ness in my yard,” the post said.

Triplett said she doesn’t vol­un­tar­ily let her cats out­side, but they do find ways to “es­cape.” De­spite leav­ing the home, they usu­ally re­turn, she said. She even­tu­ally found her miss­ing cat – at a nearby Pets­mart. She made an at­tempt to get her pet back, but adop­tion pa­pers had al­ready been filed.

Cats are listed as one of the top 100 in­va­sive species by the In­ter­na­tional Union for the Con­ser­va­tion of Na­ture. An in­va­sive species, as de­fined by the Na­tional Wildlife Or­ga­ni­za­tion, is {span} any kind of liv­ing or­gan­ism — an an­i­mal, plant, seeds, even bac­te­ria or fun­gus — that is not na­tive to an ecosys­tem and causes harm.

Do­mes­ti­cated cats have no na­tive range.{/span}

Do­mes­ti­cated cats are es­ti­mated to kill over 1 bil­lion birds and over 6 bil­lion small an­i­mals ev­ery year. In 2014, do­mes­ti­cated cats were re­spon­si­ble for 60 per­cent of ra­bies cases in the US.

Triplett said that while she is not able to get her own cat back, she wants to put the word out to other cat own­ers that they should keep an eye on their furry fe­lines so that the same thing does not hap­pen to them.

“I just pray to God that no one else’s cat is taken, and if it is, they will have enough info to get it back be­fore it’s too late,” Triplett said.


The cat on the right went miss­ing and never came home. The owner, Geral­dine Triplett, even­tu­ally found her cat in a nearby Pets­mart. It had been adopted by an­other fam­ily. Triplett wants to warn other cat own­ers to look af­ter their pets so the same doesn’t hap­pen to them.

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