Airbag thefts an emerg­ing trend

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Po­lice are in­ves­ti­gat­ing a se­ries of airbag thefts in Bal­ti­more County since late June, tar­get­ing mostly Honda ve­hi­cles.

Since June 26 there has been a gen­eral in­crease in thefts from au­tos, but specif­i­cally airbags. Po­lice have de­ter­mined that most of the ve­hi­cles be­ing tar­geted are Honda Civics and Honda Ac­cords.

The depart­ment has ex­pe­ri­enced thefts of airbags in the Lans­downe area of Precinct 1 Wilkens, the Rodgers Forge area of Precinct 6 Tow­son, and ad­di­tional in­ci­dents in

Precinct 4 Pikesville and Precinct 12 Dun­dalk.

Most of the thefts are oc­cur­ring dur­ing the overnight hours and in­volve the sus­pect break­ing out the driver side win­dow of the ve­hi­cle and steal­ing the airbag out of the steer­ing wheel.

In a num­ber of cases where the sus­pects did not suc­ceed in steal­ing an airbag, some type of an­titheft de­vice was used. While most car alarms will not sound if only the glass win­dow is bro­ken out, a sound­ing alarm has pre­vented the theft in some in­stances.

In cases where a steer­ing wheel lock­ing de­vice has been used on the car, the thief was not able to steal the airbag. Po­lice are rec­om­mend­ing the use of these de­vices to de­ter the theft of airbags, and the theft of your ve­hi­cle. Make sure that your doors are al­ways locked and try to park in a well lit area.

If you see a ve­hi­cle driv­ing through your neigh­bor­hood slowly dur­ing the overnight hours, safely try to get a de­scrip­tion of the ve­hi­cle and call 9-1-1 im­me­di­ately. The sooner you call po­lice, the sooner we are able to re­spond and are more likely to lo­cate and stop the sus­pi­cious ve­hi­cle to de­ter­mine if there is any crim­i­nal ac­tiv­ity at foot.

If you are the vic­tim of a theft from auto or theft of your airbag, con­tact po­lice im­me­di­ately by call­ing 410-887-2222. Make sure you have your airbag re­placed by a deal­er­ship or cer­ti­fied re­pair shop as crim­i­nals are known to sell stolen airbags to less rep­utable auto re­pair shops.

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