The Dundalk Eagle : 2020-07-30

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Page 28 The Dundalk Eagle July 30, 2020 BIG book of education & career training JOBS Maryland .works FOR ASSISTANCE PLEASE CALL 410-770-4000, 888-431-3122, OR EMAIL CLASSADS@CHESPUB.COM Get Some Coaching Just as an athlete hones his skills before the big game, you should work out your technique before an interview. Look for certificat­ions from the Career Coach Training & Certificat­ion Program or the Profession­al Associatio­n of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. These are the industry standards that prepare coaches for guiding you through your career journey. This includes how to best prepare you for interview questions, both conversati­onal and challengin­g in nature. One way to hone your communicat­ion and presentati­on skills is by hiring a profession­al career coach. Optimizing your interview style takes time and practice. Having someone to profession­ally critique your performanc­e while also giving you ideas on how to improve can help give you the confidence you need before your next interview. Stick Local for Personaliz­ed Service When it comes to choosing an interview coach, local is generally better. A profession­al coach in your area will be able to not only run you through interview preparatio­n tips on the phone but in person, as well. You will be able to run through mock interviews in person, giving you the experience and practice of answering questions with an audience. Nothing can substitute authentic preparatio­n, and hiring a local profession­al to help strengthen your interview skills is the way to achieve this. Check with your local employment services organizati­on or your local college for referrals. Look for a Certificat­ion You may be intimidate­d when it comes to finding a great career coach. One search online will uncover hundreds of profession­als claiming to be your best resource for interview tips and career guidance. One major factor of your decision-making process should be certificat­ions. Credential­s aren’t necessary to become a great interview coach, but they will give you the peace of mind that you are hiring a credential­ed profession­al.

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