The Dundalk Eagle : 2020-07-30

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Page 30 The Dundalk Eagle July 30, 2020 BIG book of education & career training JOBS Maryland .works FOR ASSISTANCE PLEASE CALL 410-770-4000, 888-431-3122, OR EMAIL CLASSADS@CHESPUB.COM Do You Need a Cover Letter? an explanatio­n that showcases how your previous experience­s will meet the needs they describe in their job posting. For instance, when applying for a leadership position, provide a brief explanatio­n about the accomplish­ments you obtained with a previous team. Make sure to include how many employees you oversaw and how you improved productivi­ty. Your opening should also include any personal connection­s you have with someone who is already employed within the company. You can also impress a hiring manager by addressing your cover letter directly. With a little research on social media and company profiles, you should be able to find their name easily. Many job seekers place the majority of their focus on drafting the perfect resume. A common mistake is forgetting to dedicate the same passion to a cover letter. and waiting for an interview. Your resume is enhanced by a cover letter that provides another opportunit­y to brag about your skills and how they can benefit a company. Try not to duplicate the infor- mation; instead, explain to a hiring manager how you can have a direct impact on the challenges they are facing, based on the job descriptio­n. It’s important to do your research on the company so you can specifical­ly target their needs. A Strong Opening The Harvard Business Review states one of the most important things to include in your cover letter is an opening expressing why you’re a good fit for the position. Start with When prepared accurately and profession­ally, this documentat­ion duo can be the difference between landing the job Show Personal Value After a strong introducti­on, you can emphasize your value by displaying proactive problem-solving skills. Again, research will be a beneficial strategy so you can discover issues your targeted company is facing. Don’t worry if you are unable to discover a specific problem, you can find common trends that impact most businesses within the industry. Show your wisdom by discussing new laws or mandates that may affect a company and a plan to adjust a strategy to accommodat­e them. Here, you can share a profession­al experience which explains how you solved a problem previously.

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