The Dundalk Eagle : 2020-08-13



August 13, 2020 The Dundalk Eagle Page 7 “Save BIG During Our 10 For 10.00 Sale” • BIG 2 Week Sale! TWO WEEK AD • PRICES EFFECTIVE WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5, 2020 THRU TUESDAY, AUGUST 18, 2020 G 3.99 3.59 Grade A Fresh SAVE 2.90 Fresh Picked LOCAL Farms Sugar Sweet White Corn SAVE 1.00 Sauder’s Maryland Extra Large Eggs One Dozen SAVE 19.90 Extra Lean Doz. Hatfield Boneless Ham Slices Butcher Lean Fully Trimmed Boneless Beef Bottom Round Roast 8 Oz. Pkg. SAVE 1.30 Sold As Roast Only Our Famous Cucumber Salad Lb. 1.59 Lbs. CUSTOMER FAVORITE Butcher Inspected Fully Trimmed Fresh Cut Quartered Pork Loin Assorted Varieties SAVE 6.60 SAVE 90¢ Royal Crown Cola Canada Dry•7Up 2 7-9 Chops Liter Btls. 7.99Lb. 7.99 3.95 Assorted Varieties Salt Water Wild Domestic USA 21-25 Count Jumbo Gulf Shrimp SAVE 19.90 Hatfield Quality All Meat Hot Dogs Fire Up The Grill SAVE 3.00 1 Lb. Pkg. Lb. Grade A Fresh SAVE 5.90 Chicken Thighs or Drumsticks Butcher Lean Boneless Beef Whole Beef Tenderloin­sOnly Lbs. SAVE 2.00 Sold In Cryovac Fried Fresh Daily SAVE 8.90 Our Famous Lb. Western Fries Lbs. Deli Sliced Fresh Hormel Lean Domestic Ham In-Store Ground Fresh Extra Lean Ground Round Assorted Varieties SAVE 6.90 SAVE 1.00 Rutter’s Ice Tea 1/2 Gallon Lb. 3.59 3 Fresh Picked Red Vine Ripe Large Slicing Tomatoes Local SAVE 2.90 SAVE 90¢ Lbs. Lbs. or More Lb. Picked11.99Cont. Fresh Lump Crab Meat Assorted Varieties SAVE 3.90 Fresh Hand Picked Lump Crab Meat Armour Lunch Makers 2.23.4 Oz. Pkg. SAVE 3.00 Maryland 1 Lb. U.S. Inspected Fresh Small Lean 25.99 1 Lb. Cont. Whole Pork Shoulders SAVE 5.90 Butcher Inspected Grade A Fresh Whole Frying Chickens Lbs. SAVE 2.90 3-4 Lb. Avg. Assorted Varieties SAVE 2.90 Fresh Store Baked Iced Cake Slices Lbs. TRY OUR FRESH SUSHI TRY OUR “5 MINUTE MEALS TO GO” Try Our Store Made All White Chicken Breast Salad “AWARD WINNING” FRESH DONUTS DELIVERED DAILY! You want it...We’ll make it! LOCAL PRODUCE FROM LOCAL FARMERS SAVE SAVE SAVE 2.90 4.90 2.90 Local Local FRESH PICKED FRESH PICKED BAUGHER’S FARM FRESH PICKED YELLOW OR GREEN SQUASH SWEET PEACHES & NECTARINES AVOCADOS & SWEET ONIONS Lbs. Lbs. Lbs. FRESH PICKED FRESH PICKED FRESH PICKED FRESH PICKED GREEN PEPPERS OR CALIFORNIA LEMONS YOUNG TENDER GREEN BEANS COLLARDS OR KALE SWEET PINK MEAT LARGE CANTALOUPE­S Local Local Local Local SAVE 98¢ SAVE 1.99EACH 2FOR1.00 SAVE 2.90 58¢ SAVE 3.90 SAVE Lbs. Lbs. 1.00 LOCAL PRODUCE FROM LOCAL FARMERS LOCAL PRODUCE FROM LOCAL FARMERS Hawthorne Shopping Center Riviera Plaza Sun Valley Shopping Center ALL STORES HAVE: 5% DISCOUNT ON WEDNESDAYS •ATM Machine •Lottery •Money Orders •Double Coupons We Accept Your SNAP-MOST-MASTERCARD VISA DISCOVER-AMERICAN EXPRESS AND MD E-WIC 2109 Eastern Blvd. 8489 Fort Smallwood Road 7931 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd. MONDAY-SATURDAY 6AM-11PM - SUNDAY 6AM-9PM MONDAY-SUNDAY 6AM-9PM For Seniors, First Responders and Military See Store For Details MON-SAT 7AM-9PM • SUN 7AM-8PM 410-686-3487 410-437-4800 410-768-5010 QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED. ADVERTISED ITEMS MAY BE LIMITED TO FOUR (4) ITEMS PER HOUSEHOLD PER WEEK, UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. NO CASE LOTS. NOT RESPONSIBL­E FOR TYPOGRAPHI­CAL ERRORS. NONE SOLD TO DEALERS. SALES TAX APPLIED ACCORDING TO APPLICABLE LAW. PHOTOS AND ILLUSTRATI­ONS DO NOT NECESSARIL­Y REPRESENT ITEMS ON SALE. THE FOLLOWING PURCHASES CANNOT BE USED TOWARD AN ADDITIONAL PURCHASE REQUIREMEN­T: CIGARETTES, TOBACCO PRODUCTS, GIFT CARDS AND CERTIFICAT­ES, MONEY ORDERS OR MONEY TRANSFERS, POSTAGE STAMPS, LOTTERY TICKETS AND ANY OTHER ITEMS THAT ARE LEGALLY PROHIBITED IN THE STATE WHERE THE TRANSACTIO­N OCCURS.

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