An open memo from a con­cerned voter

The Dundalk Eagle - - BY THE PEOPLE - By J. NORMA BEER Church Road

To Whom: The “Do-Noth­ing Congress” (And Other In­ter­ested Par­ties)

From: A “Once Proud Voter”

I am so sad­dened to see what my coun­try has be­come: (1) not only in the “Do Noth­ing Congress,” but in gen­eral; (2) the lit­tle value placed on life, any kind of life; (3) the me­dia’s LACK OF RE­SPON­SI­BIL­ITY to state the facts, not opin­ion ... un­less that’s your job; (4) col­lege-at­tend­ing youths’ lack of ed­u­ca­tion and knowl­edge of our past his­tory as it oc­curred, not what is be­ing rewrit­ten; their morals/val­ues — what I should get/de­serve; (6) our in­struc­tors/ pro­fes­sors of higher learn­ing whose job is to chal­lenge/get students to think, to help pre­pare them to be re­spon­si­ble, car­ing cit­i­zens. I re­al­ize that I’m char­ac­ter­iz­ing most of our youth, when it re­al­ity, it is only the ones to whom the me­dia reaches out. We should be prais­ing and en­cour­ag­ing the good — the fu­ture lead­ers of Amer­ica, who are go­ing to show us “oldies” all is not lost!

I pre­vi­ously be­lieved that, for the U.S. Congress to func­tion ide­ally, com­pro­mise was the op­er­a­tive word; how wrong I was! Now, we have (or still have) three par­ties: Repub­li­cans, Democrats and the Es­tab­lish­ment (com­prised of mem­bers from both par­ties), many whose goals are to en­rich them­selves and stay in Congress un­til they can no longer func­tion ... then, some be­come lob­by­ists!

How Obama and his cronies could have flaunted the law for eight years and cor­rupted the of­fice of Pres­i­dent of the United States is mind-bog­gling! Judges chang­ing the Con­sti­tu­tion to re­flect their per­sonal opin­ions, and the De­part­ments of Jus­tice, FBI and other en­ti­ties will­fully dis­re­gard­ing au­thor­ity; we haven’t even men­tioned Hil­lary, our beloved Sec­re­tary of State, yet! And, so it con­tin­ues, even to this day. Many of our elected of­fi­cials are crum­bling our gov­ern­ment; the av­er­age cit­i­zen thought we had checks and bal­ances to pre­vent this kind of hypocrisy from hap­pen­ing. We de­serve bet­ter than this.

Wake up Amer­ica! Ex­pect and de­mand more from your elected rep­re­sen­ta­tives. Ed­u­cate your­self and un­der­stand the is­sues. They were elected to rep­re­sent you, not their spe­cial in­ter­ests. If they don’t, vote them out. Only then will Amer­ica be truly great again.

As I sit at my din­ing room ta­ble, fill­ing out an­other “Don’t Cut my So­cial Se­cu­rity Ben­e­fits” sur­vey, I am truly sad­dened.

Note: If we re­ally want our kids to be suc­cess­ful, pon­der these “pearls of wis­dom”.

There are two things we must give our kids — roots and wings.

Treat oth­ers as we would like to be treated. (The Golden Rule is still alive and well).

If I can’t be true to my­self, then, I can be false to any man. (Para­phras­ing Mr. Wil­liam Shake­speare).

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