The Dundalk Eagle : 2020-08-27



August 27, 2020 The Dundalk Eagle Page 17 REC COUNCIL NEWS Facility Rentals: Watersedge 410887-7134 North Point Village 410-887-7180 Turner Station 410-887-7134 Berkshire-Eastwood 410-887-7180 READY TO SERVE WHEN YOU NEED US MOST Let our Knowledgea­ble and Caring Staff Explain How Pre-Arranging Your Funeral Or Cremation Can Lock in Today’s Low Cost From Future Increases Immediate Burial: $2,000 Tribute Burial Service: $5,480 plus casket (Caskets begin at $795) plus Casket (Caskets begin at $795). Service includes One Day Viewing, Service at Funeral Home or Church, Hearse to the Cemetery (within 25, mi.), Memorial Package, Memorial Slide Show, Floral Arrangemen­t ($295value) and One Family Support Option. Charles S. Zeiler, Inc. Charges No Additional Fee for Services on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday Charles S. Zeiler & Son, Inc. Eastern Avenue re MD 21224 Dignity® -3588 MEMORIAL John J. Evans an Sollers Point MPC 410-887-4364 Email: sollersptm­pc-rp@ baltimorec­ Info: Nick Behe, 410-887-4364. Southeast Regional Recreation Center 410-887-3478 Email: serrc-rp@baltimorec­ Dundalk PAL 410-887-7229 Email: PALDundalk-rp@ baltimorec­ Facility Cyndy Rentals: Ondeck, Info: 410-8873478. Bear Creek 410887-7529 General Info: http://www. bearcreekr­ BearCreek-rp@baltimorec­ Email: Watersedge-rp@ baltimorec­ West Inverness 410-887-7134 Email: WestInvern­ess-rp@ baltimorec­ Edgemere-Sparrows Point 410-887-7529 Email: edgemere-rp@baltimorec­ Email: northpoint­villagerp@baltimorec­ountymd. gov; NPVRecCoun­cil@ Email: TurnerStat­ion-rp@ baltimorec­ Email: Berkshire-rp@baltimorec­

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