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August 27, 2020 The Dundalk Eagle Page 23 BIG book of Manufactur­ing, Production, & Transporta­tion JOBS Maryland .works FOR ASSISTANCE PLEASE CALL 410-770-4000, 888-431-3122, OR EMAIL CLASSADS@CHESPUB.COM Create your Position If your current role in a company isn’t exactly fulfilling, there may be a better option than changing careers. Show confidence and excitement about how the role will impact the company and why you’re the best fit. Don’t be discourage­d if they need time to think about it or come back with questions you may not have considered. Ask for time to redraft your proposal and resolve their concerns. Rather than looking for a new gig in a different environmen­t, hone your skills on problem-solving issues that exist within your market. Impressing those in upper management may inspire them to create a new position that revives your passion and commitment. Before building a strategy to resolve internal issues within a company, it’s crucial to study it. Take advantage of research that’s available online, read books by experts and reach out to profession­als to discover significan­t problems. Perhaps a department lacks a comprehens­ive training program, the marketing strategy is ineffectiv­e or an online presence is bland. Once you decide which area you can help and thrive, consider these tips to build the brand. Thrive You asked for this role, now it’s up to you to dominate it. As the holder of a new position in the company, you should expect to be under constant scrutiny by upper management. Do your due diligence by studying up on current trends and network after hours with peers in similar roles or industries. Look for in-depth reports about the highs and lows that those in your position face and innovative solutions that work. Give the resolution your own spin to make it unique and show that you have what it takes to thrive. Also, don’t shy away from controvers­y or question your choices when making decisions. Remember, this was your idea and you’re the one paving the way to more productive results. Be vocal about the path you want to take and earn the respect of both company leaders and your peers. Craft the Role When creating a position that you feel is lacking within your company, it’s crucial to highlight the responsibi­lities, the need for someone in the role and the results you will achieve. To get a firm understand­ing of the process, check out these tips that the Society for Human Resource Management focusing on individual projects and explain why a full-time position will benefit long-term success. Organize the data. This step includes laying out the details regarding the job title, responsibi­lities, regarding the position by offering anonymous questionna­ires. Establish the essential functions. First, ensure that the job tasks are necessary to enhance a company. Show how much time will be spent recommends for developing a job position. Perform a job analysis. Gather, examine and interpret data about the job’s task to build accurate informatio­n to perform efficientl­y. Gauge interest from co-workers name of direct supervisor and a timeframe of your expected results. The Pitch Once you have carefully crafted the details, bring your idea to a supervisor or human resources manager.

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