Ripped off by Pep Boys

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It took me some time to think about writ­ing this email be­cause I don’t like to get any­one in trou­ble. About a month ago, I took my car to a full ser­vice car wash, and as I was wait­ing for my car, I no­ticed that two cars had prob­lems. One in the car wash had to be jump­started, then one that was be­ing dried off had to be jump­started. I was sit­ting there wait­ing for my car think­ing about how I hoped I didn’t have a prob­lem with my car.

Now, my car is done. I get in drive about a block it started the en­gine be­gan dy­ing and then start­ing again. it was Sun­day.

The next day I got it to Pep Boys. They looked at it and said it was my al­ter­na­tor and bat­tery. I asked how much – $894.00. I picked it up and then my air con­di­tioner wasn’t work­ing. I went back in Pep Boys to tell them, and I was told I had to make an ap­point­ment to have it looked at. Later, a friend who is a me­chanic looked at it and told me to call Pep Boys and tell them all the fuses are good and the com­pres­sor is fine. They said that when they worked on the al­ter­na­tor they un­plugged the air con­di­tioner. My friend had worked at Pep Boys in the past but didn’t have the tools to fix it.

So I called PEP BOY’s talked to a man­ager. I made the ap­point­ment took my car back. Pep Boys called me and said I need a new air com­pres­sor. So I ask how much – around $1.500.00. I de­clined, but was charged around $89.00 for that visit. I tell my friend, a prior Pep Boys em­ployee, who checked again and said the com­pres­sor is fine. So an­other friend sent me to K&W Auto Re­pair. I dropped my car off, and in about 30 min­utes, he had my air on. The air con­di­tioner was un­plugged.

The me­chanic asked me if I got the old al­ter­na­tor from Pep Boys. I didn’t. The trip to K&W Auto Re­pair cost me $173.23. With Pep Boys, I’m won­der­ing if I re­ally needed a new al­ter­na­tor, plus my bat­tery was new. A K&W me­chanic said my car is too young and the mileage is too low to start hav­ing these kind of prob­lems. I firmly be­lieve that Pep Boys on Mer­ritt Boule­vard took ad­van­tage of me. I should not have had to pay $89. I’m think­ing Pep Boys tried to charge me $1.500 for an air com­pres­sor I did not need. Did I re­ally need a new al­ter­na­tor? Peo­ple can not af­ford to be ripped off and that is what they did to me.

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