In need of a liv­ing donor in bat­tle against PCKD and its ef­fects

The Dundalk Eagle - - BY THE PEOPLE - By MIKE CUM­MINGS

Over 35 years ago I was di­ag­nosed with Poly Cys­tic Kid­ney Dis­ease. PCKD causes to­tal loss of kid­ney func­tion. I now have stage 5 end stage re­nal dis­ease. I am on dial­y­sis. Dial­y­sis is a bandaid not a cure. I have suf­fered with pain from PCKD and 7 kid­ney stones since di­ag­no­sis.

I am in need of a liv­ing donor. The process will have no cost for the donor with a re­cov­ery time from 2-6 weeks.

With dial­y­sis my qual­ity of life and life span has been greatly di­min­ished.

If you or any­one you know may be in­ter­ested in be­ing a liv­ing donor please con­tact the UMMC kid­ney trans­plant cen­ter and speak to Al­lie Pied­monte. She can be reached at 301-887-3771 or you may email her at Al­lisonPei­d­ or fell free to con­tact me at (410) 446-0766 or mike­cum­

God gave us an ex­tra kid­ney. Use that gift from God to give life to an­other.

I have had one of my kid­neys re­moved. It was 12 pounds of pain. I now have one PCK func­tion­ing at 0%. I suf­fer from daily nau­sea, and vom­it­ing, fre­quent itch­ing and cramps, rest­less leg syn­drome and of course se­vere fa­tigue, just to name a very few symp­toms.its a daily strug­gle.

I am do­ing 9 hours of dial­y­sis over night ev­ery night as long as I live as well as two man­ual ex­changes through­out the day. My life is con­sumed with the dis­ease.

I’m not com­plain­ing. I know there are those that have it worse than I. I am only try­ing to bring aware­ness about this hor­ri­ble dis­ease that ef­fects so many.

If you are read­ing this that is the first step. If you need more in­for­ma­tion on the Liv­ing Donor pro­gram please con­tact a UMMC trans­plant cen­ter or my­self.

Please spread the word and share my story. A life could be saved. It could be mine.

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